News Flash – SkyTrain down again

Here we go again. SkyTrain, as with all other automatic metros, has an Achilles heel – they stop working and more frequently as the metro ages. This is not a problem for light rail, as it is designed to operate when there are minor glitches.

But there is another problem with TransLink and its SkyTrain "transit backbone" theory, when all the bus routes that can, feed one SkyTrain line to downtown, when SkyTrain stops working, transit comes to a standstill and buses must be pirated from other routes (mush to the discomfort of more transit customers) to complete a bus bridge to keep a semblance of transit service running.

With LRT, because it is much cheaper, a network is much easier plan for and when a problem arises, trams an be switched onto another route to its destination with little time loss for transit customers.

With SkyTrain's aging infrastructure, "glitches" will happen more and more, greatly increasing the unreliability of a an automatic metro. With LRT, these sort of glitches are rare, because the signaling is more robust and easier to maintain, thus light rail's reliability as it ages is not a great issue.

SkyTrain's problems as it ages have been long predicted, yet the powers that be remain blind, deaf, and dumb on the subject.

From CKNW Radio

Skytrain Delays This Morning
Mike Bothwell


Major delays on the Skytrain Expo Line this morning.

Translink's Drew Snider says Skytrain service into downtown from Commercial-Broadway came to a halt this morning, due to a technical glitch.

"We had a problem with the loop, with is the communication lifeline between the trains and the central control computer…and when that computer loses communication with the trains, it shuts things down for safety reasons."

Single-track service is running again to Burrard station, but buses will continue to shuttle commuters from commercial drive into the downtown core.

From CKWX Radio

Disruption on SkyTrain line

A technical glitch near Stadium SkyTrain Station

News1130 StaffJul 04, 2011 08:03:29 AM

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Due to a technical issue near the Stadium SkyTrain Station, there is single track service only from Commercial-Broadway and Waterfront stations.

Technicians continue to work on the problem. All trains have been cleared from the westbound line and attempts are being made to get shuttle service running. For the time being, no trains are running between Commercial-Broadway and Waterfront Stations.

Canada Line is running normally and a bus bridge is moving passengers from Commercial-Broadway Station to Broadway-City Hall.

The Millennium Line is operating between VCC Clark and Sapperton Stations with a bus bridge connecting to Columbia Station.

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