Now That’s Advertising!

A new Toronto tram and its advertising for Sapporo beer.

Photo courtesy Mr Cow.

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  1. eric chris says:

    If you’ve always wanted to visit sunny Melbourne, Australia, grab a coffee on a lazy Sunday, sit back and enjoy the virtual tour on the tram in the following video. Watch the tram glide effortlessly through Melbourne. It’s a long one-hour video and might take a few Sundays to get through. There is Victorian architecture.

    There is lots of good people watching with the high “turnover” of passengers as they dodge cars to reach the tram in time. Pedestrians through natural selection know how to scamper the heck out of the way when the tram-driver rings the bell (minute 23). There are looks at the driver with that, hurry up, I’m waiting, what are doing expression at the tram stop when the driver doesn’t move the tram up to the stop. There is the relaxed Aussie waving at the tram driver and the cyclist giving the tram driver the nod as he rolls by with his dog at minute 50.
    “TransLink’s performance relative to the four Canadian transit peer systems has also deteriorated. The declines are across the board in all indicators. As a result, a costly service has become even more expensive…

    ■ TransLink’s [turnover] revenue passengers per kilometre was lowest [one-half the turnover of the TTC].

    ■ It [TransLink] had the highest operating cost per revenue passenger of $3.92 in 2010, which was a third higher than the average cost and 92 cents higher than the system with the second-highest costs — Victoria [another it].

    ■ TransLink’s administration cost as a percentage of revenue was also highest among the systems studied. The investigators found that like another large system, Toronto, TransLink had achieved a diseconomy of scale compared to smaller systems when the opposite would be expected. (Larger systems should be more efficient, not less.).”

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