One Tram Line Moving 250,000 Daily

On the radio last week I heard one of the SFU types go on and on about the Canada Line and how successful the mini-metro was.


Again, I have to remind everyone that the Canada Line has station platforms only 40m to 50m long and can operate 41m coupled sets of EMUs.

The official capacity of a Hyundai EMU is 163 persons per car or 326 per two car set.

At 3 minute headway’s, the Canada Line can handle traffic flows around 6,500 pphpd, roughly half of that of the Expo and Millennium Lines, which have 80m long station platforms.

Now let us compare with the six module Combino LRV, the longest single LRV’s in the world at 54 metres long. Each bidirectional tram with a welded stainless steel (!) frame, is capable of transporting 350 passengers. Due to the specific nature of route 4/6, where they will be used (250,000 passengers daily, with a rush-hour headway of 1.5 minutes), the vehicle has only 65 seats, and lots of standing space.

At 3 minute headway’s, the 54m long super Combino can carry 7,000 pphpd.

For added insult, it is cheaper to buy one long tram than two EMU’s.

So when you hear, self important types pontificate about SkyTrain, capacity and headway’s, just remember that in Budapest, one tram line, operating at 90 second headway’s during peak hours can move 250,000 passenger daily!



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  1. Haveacow says:

    Why do you have a picture of the Australia’s G:Link LRT Line, a Bombardier LRV by the way, I have a connection to a picture of the Siemens Super Combino for Budapest if you want?

    Zwei replies: Oops. This what happend when you try to edit and talk on the phone at the same time. Stock photo of the Budapest’s super Combinos!

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