Only In Sweeden You Say ……. Pity

One would think if our politicians and bureaucrats took public transit, the system would greatly improve. Sadly this is not the case and our regional politicians and bureaucrats are woefully ignorant of public transport and spend their energies promoting their pet prestigious transit plans, without ever riding on a bus or SkyTrain

The provincial government has absolutely not shown any leadership on transit issues and most MLA’s remain aloof, surrounded by their cliques. MLA”s enjoy many travel perks and avoid any travel on regional transit systems.

So let us outlaw car allowances and free flights and compel our politicians and bureaucrats to use what is available and I could guarantee a complete change in how we plan and operate public transit in the province.

Swedish politicians have no official cars, offices, titles, use public trains

by Joseph Omotayo
As interesting as it may sounds, Sweden does not offer luxury or privileges to its politicians as they live like other ordinary citizens of the country. Swedish ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) do not have official cars or private drivers, they travel and transport around like everyone else in crowded public buses and trains, Mail and Guardian reports.
Also, the Swedish ministers do not have any parliamentary immunity and are tried in court like anybody facing trail would be. Another interesting thing to note about the politicians is that they do not have private secretaries in their offices and their office are reportedly as small as 8m2. ā€œIā€™m the one who pays the politicians, and I see no reason to give them a life of luxury,ā€ Joakim Holm, a Swedish citizen said.
Politicians who spend public money on taxi rides instead of using the public train end on news headlines as even the speaker of the parliament has a card to use on public transport. Only the prime minister, however, has the luxury of using a car from the security forces on a permanent arrangement. The politicians also do not earn big as their salaries are just about two times more than that of an elementary school teacher. It is even way lower at the municipal level as Swedish councilors do not earn a salary or have an office, they work from home. Sweden is a country without excellences as it treats its public office holders as ordinary citizens without privileges.
Lawan, who is contesting for Senate presidency of the ninth National Assembly, said there would be no reduction of the amount if he becomes the next Senate president. According to the lawmaker representing Yobe North, there is nothing like jumbo pay for senators since each of them goes home with about N1 million monthly and allowances for oversight functions.

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