Phase One To Oblivion

Well, it had to happen, the fools council has approved ‘phase one’ of Translink’s ten year plan.

I doubt that any of the mayors in this old boys/girls club know very much about transit, but they certainly know what gets them votes and transit is a motherhood and apple pie issue.

Buying new SkyTrain cars is a no-brainer as the majority of the MK.1 cars have now operated since 1985 and now are over 30 years old. As well, buying new SkyTrain cars keeps the production line intact and with SkyTrain being a proprietary railway, this is important, lest one day new SkyTrain cars are ordered but no production line to produce them.

The pre-production work on both the Broadway subway and Surrey LRT is a complete waste of money, but TransLink is very good at wasting the public’s money.

What TransLink has not done, is to make the regional transit service more customer friendly, but then to do that, the six figured a year salaried mandarins in TransLink’s expensive ‘ivory towers’ would have face some very unpleasant questions.

The key to a better regional transit service is not more buses, SkyTrain cars and employees, rather it is providing a transit service that naturally attracts customers to transit. Flooding the system with 130,000 deep discounted U-Passes and double and triple counting ‘boarded’ passengers is not the way to run a transit system, but without public scrutiny, TransLink can and deso as it pleases.

The 2015 plebiscite showed that the majority of the public had no confidence in this obtuse bureaucratic empire, called TransLink and the ‘phase one’ spend-a-thon shows that those running TransLink learned nothing and remember nothing.


Phase one of 10-year transit and transportation plan for Metro Vancouver approved

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Posted: November 23, 2016

Phase one of 10-year transit and transportation plan for Metro Vancouver approved


The Mayorsai??i?? Council and TransLink Board of Directors have approved Phase One of the 10-year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation.

TransLink will roll out Phase One in January 2017.

The $2 billion-dollar planAi??will ai???bring noticeable improvements to the way residents travel throughout Metro Vancouver, by reducing overcrowding on transit and on HandyDart, providing new services to areas which havenai??i??t had transit before, helping to address bottlenecks on the regionai??i??s major road networks, and creating pedestrian walkways and bike

Improvements Phase One Mayors' Council

Map of the proposed improvements:

Map Phase One transit improvements Mayors' Council

Funding Phase One

Phase One of the plan will be funded by a $370 million from the Federal Government and $246 million from the Provincial Government. The remaining $1.3 billion will be coming from TransLink.

Phase one will be partially funded by transit fare and property tax increases.

Translink says the fare increase will be 5 to 10 cents on a single fare and $1 to $3 on a monthly pass.

The property tax increase will be based on growth and development in the region.

There will also be a new region-wide development fee for transit and transportation and Translink will sell surplus property.

Unifor, which represents 4,700 transit operators, mechanics, maintenance and SeaBus workers, calls the phase one approval a ai???big winai??? but calls on the province to increase its contribution to capital costs from 33 per cent to 40 per cent.

Unifor says commuters can expect to see a 10% increase in bus service starting in April 2017 and new buses on the road.

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  1. eric chris says:

    TransLink carries one-half as many passengers as the TTC receiving one-half the funding of TransLink, and the latest increase in funding for TransLink is just a minor installment before the bird brained mayors led by Gregor Robertson attempt to impose road taxes for the kill and big bucks to fund TransLink! As the next president of the free world likes to say: it’s all rigged, don’t believe a word they say, throw them all in the slammer, they’re all morons, bird brains – full stop, period, trademark, got you losers. Warning the following SNL skit contains lewd and adult satire and may not be appropriate for all viewers, especially the bird brained and dishonest mayor in Vancouver:

    Sudden increased funding for TransLink is no coincidence. It is being announced just before the first and with any luck last maiden voyage of the modern day Titanic or Evergreen Line (EGL) on December 2, 2016. Practically all of the $200 million increase in the operating budget for TransLink is to pay for the modifications to the s-train money sucking network and for buses to recycle passengers to the EGL. As the next president of the free world likes to say: it’s all rigged, don’t believe a word they say, lock them up – full stop, period, trademark, got you losers:

    I won’t be the EGL for its maiden voyage. No way. Not a chance. Wouldn’t it be grand if the EGL crashed and burned on its first run?

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