Pork Barrel Alert!

Well the TransLink pork barrel continues unabated and the real message this conveys is that the premier only regards TransLink as a dumping ground for Liberal lickspittles. The two appointees have absolutely “0″ knowledge about public transit and like good little puppies, will do as they are told. Something like the “Duffy Affair”.

Expect no change in TransLink’s direction; it is a vehicle from which the Premier’s Office rewards friends and insiders, with the transit customer, again being left at the station.

If anyone thought that Fassbender had the courage to change TransLink, dispel those illusions now, because at TransLink, it is business as usual.

Former Vancouver police chief, former Surrey city manager appointed to TransLink board

By Keven Drews, THE CANADIAN PRESS August 20, 2015

The B.C. government has appointed Vancouver’s former police chief Jim Chu (left) and ex-Surrey city manager Murray Dinwoodie (right) to the board of directors of TransLink.

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Vancouverai??i??s former top cop and the past manager for British Columbiaai??i??s second-largest city have been named the newest board members of the regionai??i??s beleaguered transit authority.

Jim Chu and Murray Dinwoodie, from the City of Surrey, were appointed by the provincial government to TransLinkai??i??s board of directors on Thursday, a month and a half after voters rejected a plebiscite plan to raise $7.5 billion for transit upgrades.

TransLink chairman Barry Forbes welcomed Chu and Dinwoodie as he announced a ai???pauseai??? in the search for a new chief executive officer, a position left vacant following a post-plebiscite shakeup at the authority.

ai???We will resume the recruitment once the new board members have had time to get up to speed,ai??? Forbes said in a news release.

He said the board has ai???full confidenceai??? in acting CEO Cathy McLay to keep TransLink focused on getting commuters to their destinations.

The plebiscite resulted in 62 per cent of voters rejecting a half-per-cent tax hike to pay for transit upgrades amid allegations that people didnai??i??t trust TransLinkai??i??s use of public money.

Two of the authorityai??i??s top managers, Doug Kelsey and Bob Paddon, lost their jobs. At the end of July, TransLink began advertising for a new CEO, announcing applications would be accepted until Nov. 19 for the job with an annual salary of $320,000.

In July, Premier Christy Clark shuffled her cabinet to move Peter Fassbender from education to minister in charge of TransLink as well as the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

ai???Mr Chu and Mr. Dinwoodie have extensive experience, not only at the civic level but at the regional, provincial and national levels as well,ai??? Fassbender said in a news release Thursday.

ai???I am confident their contributions will be invaluable to the board as TransLink works to secure the confidence of the regionai??i??s taxpayers, both in relation to its fiscal management and its delivery of the transportation system so important to the region.ai???

Chu served 36 years with the Vancouver Police Department, and eight of those were as the chief constable. He retired in May and now serves as vice-president of the Aquilini Investment Group.

Dinwoodie was employed as the City of Surreyai??i??s general manager of planning and development from 1998 to 2006 and then served as city manager until 2014, when he retired.

The TransLink board is one of two bodies responsible for governing the transit authority.


One Response to “Pork Barrel Alert!”
  1. eric chris says:

    Only the dissolution of TransLink and the elimination of the “board”” staffed with developers and scum is going to regain public confidence in transit which is rife with corruption. Voters rejecting the sales tax in the plebiscite for transit funding did not do so for Fassbender (whose integrity is about as bad as it gets) to rehash the sales tax with another tax under the pretext of wanting to reduce road congestion.

    Based on data published by TransLink, transit does not compete with driving (57% modal share since 1994) in Metro Vancouver. Transit competes with carpooling, walking and cycling. In other words, despite the propaganda to the contrary by individuals selling TransLink concrete for subway lines and s-train vehicles for inferior s-trains, transit is a racket to make shady individuals profiting from expensive transit infrastructure: rich.


    Transit is not reducing road congestion and is clogging up the roads with diesel fuel guzzling “feeder” diesel buses spewing out massive amounts of cancer and asthma causing diesel exhaust increasing medical costs to shuttle transit users to the most environmentally destructive transit mode possible: s-train by TransLink (UBC 2009). Transit is a complete sham in terms of its efficacy in the reduction of carbon emissions and toxic emissions.


    In Metro Vancouver, s-trains consume three times the power of LRT and result in slower commutes than LRT costing much less than s-train. Research by U of T shows that transit does not reduce road congestion as putting people on transit just frees up road space for other drivers to drive. So, putting “feeder” diesel buses on the roads to transfer transit riders to s-trains merely increases road congestion. We are supposed to fund transit to pay for the “board” and overhead costing us $150 million annually at TransLink for this? I don’t think so. No thanks.


    “TransLink has released its plan of route changes for the Tri-Cities area when the Evergreen Line [s-train garbage] begins operations next year to create connections between new transit hubs [crime riddled HUBS !!!!] and feeder bus routes to funnel passengers to the SkyTrain… Many of these buses are expected to move to a few bus routes parallel [PARALLEL !!!] to the Evergreen Line to provide more frequent short-trip service in the Tri-Cities area, including frequent service on Guildford Way and Pinetree Way…” Kcuf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kcuf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No, the gravy train at TransLink has to stop. I’m tired of all the phony claims by Fassbender and cronies telling us that transit reduces road congestion by putting mostly empty transit diesel buses on the roads: in contradiction to scientific research, engineering calculations and empirical evidence. Our ultimate remedy is going to be to put everyone at TransLink in jail for fraud – that’s going to be the final solution.

    You know that scene where Mel Gibson in “We Were Soldiers” comes to the rescue with the helicopter gun ships? That’s what needs to happen at the rat hole in New Westminster where the vermin at TransLink are holed up like rats. Yup, that’s what… “Fix bayonets… as Mel might say”. Fix bayonets.