Quebec City Gets Le Tram

As light rail begins to gain influence in Canada, out in Lotus Land, stupid is as stupid does continues.

Quebec City unveiled plans Friday to build a $3-billion public transit network that will include tramways, an electric trambus and reserved bus lanes.

Meantime in Surrey, the new mayor halted plans for a $1.65 billion fully funded LRT, in favour of an unfunded $2.95 billion SkyTrain.

Quebec City looks forward to the future, while Surrey looks backwards in the past.

Surrey’s mayor had better be careful, lest cancelled federal money, that was once earmarked for Surrey, gets spent in Quebec instead.

Systra awarded Québec City tramway contract

19 Nov 2018

CANADA: The City of Québec and transport authority RTC have awarded Systra Canada a seven-year C$12·5m contract to undertake engineering design for a proposed tram line.

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada is to provide legal services under a separate five-year contract worth C$375 000.

The 23 km route would link Charlesbourg in the east to Le Gendre in the west, and would include two tunnels of 2·6 km and 0·9 km.


3 Responses to “Quebec City Gets Le Tram”
  1. Haveacow says:

    Oh, nice catch Zwei, I missed that tidbit of news! I remember when the Quebec City LRT/BRT system was announced officially back in March. I feared it would not survive the back and forth of Quebec municipal politics, especially considering their then upcoming municipal election and the wild political circumstances those elections have historically engendered. However, I knew it would most likely survive the Quebec provincial elections. As the provincial government in Quebec, you can’t green light the building of $9 Billion+ worth of Montreal Area rapid transit construction, The REM Network (still a bad concept in my opinion), the Blue Line Metro Extension as well as the confirmation of the Pie IX BRT line and not give something to Quebec City! Only time will tell what actually gets built though, it is Quebec after all.

  2. Daniel says:

    One traffic lane? ouch.

    Zwei repleies: That is how its done in the real world and it is called traffic calming. Why spend billions on transit and not try to deter auto use?

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