Rail for the Valley’s Canada 150th Anniversary Treat!

Passenger train’s operating on the old Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban line may happen for two weeks during Canada’s 150th celebrations and the RftV group needs your help to make it happen!

The West Coast Railway Association, in conjunction with Rail for the Valley and the Southern Railway ofAi?? BC have put together a package, seeing a heritage diesel loco and four passenger cars, tentatively to operate on two weekends in the summer of 2017.

The upfront cost for this to happen is around $90,000.

Expensive yes, but consider this; the cost for just the ‘train’ rental is $25,000 and the cost to bring it from Squamish to Chilliwack is $15,000!

Other costs are buses, $24,000 for bus rentals for those making one way trips the rest of the costs is made up of insurance, advertising, etc.

RftV needs $6,000 now, $6,000 a month before the train leaves and $6,000 the day of departure.

Ticket sales are designed to meet the cost of the event and based on 90% sold tickets, the cost of a one way would be around $43.75, but this has not been finalized.

What is important now is to secure funding for this event and if you or anyone wishes to donate to this event, make inquiries via the rail for the valley web site.

This is an exciting event and please get involved!



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  1. Jude Hannah says:

    This is wonderful! Let’s make it happen.

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