Russian Tram Test Track In Paranimo

A tram climbing a 16% grade on the Paranino test track.

Paranino ai??i?? a small village not far from Chelyabinsk (which got famous for its recent picturesque meteorite sky show). Itai??i??s a regular village with farmers, cows or goats crossing the streets, nice nature etc. But what makes it so special? Since early 1900s it is a home of a factory that makesai??i?? trams. And when they make trams they need a handy spot for trams to get thru tests etc. For this they need a full scale tram railroad which can give the newly built trams all possible challenges ai??i?? uphill climbs, hard curves and so on. For this they have built such a track right thru the small village. Now, on a daily basis the small typical Russian settlement gets the ultra new (and old as well) trams cruising around daily. And the good guys tram builders didnai??i??t forget the needs of locals so they offer them free rides as well so the tram trail is a fully functional metro rail but deep deep in the woods. Here are some more photos:


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