Seattle’s “big Dig”, Is Digging The City Into a Finacial Morass

As predicted by so many, Seattle’s “Big Dig” to build an auto tunnel to replacing the decrepit stacked Alaskan Way Viaduct, has hit a pipe and stopped.

It seems the entire highway tunnel under Elliot Bay, is sinking into a sinkhole created by political prestige laced with engineering hubris.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

Instead of planning for LRT network that would offer an incentive for drivers to take transit, the road and light-metro lobbies have won and a auto tunnel was born. Well I hope they are happy for their multi-billion dollar ” Big Bertha” tourist attraction under Elliott Bay.

Yikes! It makes the FastFerry fiasco, small potatoes indeed!


One Response to “Seattle’s “big Dig”, Is Digging The City Into a Finacial Morass”
  1. eric chris says:

    Too funny. Of course, Gregor the moron mayor of Vancouver is too stupid to take note.