Seeing Is Believing – Why Doesn’t Translink Understand The Simple Facts Of LRT?

Courtesy of Mr. Haveacow from Ottawa.

Zwei, I am sending you a very telling photograph. Its near Blair Station and the Ottawa LRV is undergoing testing. Notice the complete lack of paint effects and graphics as well as the fact that, many of its portals and access panels are in the down position, so equipment can be accessed during testing. The point being, the size of the 18 meter long articulated bus compared to the 48.5 meter long LRV. Remember, each Ottawa train will have 2 of these LRV’s.
One Ottawa tram (1 tram driver) is as efficient as 4 to 5 articulated buses (4 to 5 bus drivers) and a coupled set of Ottawa trams are as efficient as ten to twelve articulated buses (8 to 10 drivers), operating on reserved rights-of-ways.
This singular lesson remains unlearned by TransLink, the City of Vancouver and Surrey planners and the Ministry of Transportation.


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  1. Haveacow says:

    Well, more like one Ottawa Citadis Spirit LRV carries 300 passengers at crush capacity compared to about 80 on standard articulated bus in winter, 85-90 passengers at the height of summer. Winter clothing really makes a difference guys. So One LRV carries about 3.3-3.8 times as many passsengers.

    Zwei replies: From the many studies I have read, the tram makes more trips than buses, including buses on busways, thus that 1 tram and tram driver can carry more than 3.3 to 3.8 times than a bus and a 2 car coupled set, much, much more.

  2. Haveacow says:

    What I really didn’t have time to say because I was running for my bus was what the picture doesn’t show you! Its one thing for me to say that, “look how much larger this LRV (Light rail vehicle) is than the bus”. However, as an LRV, it can run on in its own right of way in many locations and grades that the Skytrain simply can’t for legal and or technical reasons. Making it more useful as well as having more passenger carrying capacity. Its only when you run the hell out of your Skytrains, with more frequent service than Ottawa’s LRT at least, initially anyway, that Skytrain will temporarily move more people.

  3. zweisystem says:

    I think in years to come, Ottawa’s LRT will set the standard for North America. European low-floor cars, reserved rights-of-ways (the tunnel is a little excessive) and simplicity of operation.

    As Vancouver’s puny $4 billion Broadway Subway becomes the new FastFerry debacle, Ottawa’s LRT will be the example of well designed transit.

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