Since When KPMG Become Transit Consultants?

The following news headline from the CBC Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm’s tax ‘sham’ under CRA probe may pose some questions, but UBC prof. Patrick Condon would like to remind us all that……..


This is the firm UBC and City of Vancouver entrusted our study of the Broadway subway to. Sheesh. Google KPMG and Fraud for fun and see the long history of this kind of shenanigans.

KPMG advertises itself as……….

KPMG LLP, the audit, tax and advisory firm, is the U.S. member firm of KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”). KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. We operate in 155 countries and have more than 162,000 people working in member firms around the world.

So I would like to ask: “Since when did KPMG become transit consultants or even the more technical demanding subway consultants?”


4 Responses to “Since When KPMG Become Transit Consultants?”
  1. Haveacow says:

    KPMG has been doing transit studies for about 40+ years! just not in Vancouver, largely in eastern Canada and the US.

    Zwei replies: Yikes, maybe that explains why our transit planning is so dated.

  2. Haveacow says:

    KPMG has often been the only way smaller consultant firms can get access to large contracts by teaming up with smaller firms to provide technical, organizational and financial support. To be quite honest, equal access to government contracts would be nearly impossible without their help.

  3. Richard says:

    Groan. You should know the UBC Line technical study was not done by KPMG. Condon is referring to the study of the economic benefits. His comments are rather misleading as is this post.

    Zwei replies: One of my European advisers called the UBC subway study a sham and pure folly.

  4. Haveacow says:

    They have actually done some really good transit studies, including one I did with them! This side business they have goes not just into transit planning but engineering, physics, biology, computers, operations systems in many fields and finance/accounting. They team up with many smaller firms, like mine, provide technical help, facilities computer programs (that I can’t dream of ever affording) and they take a percentage of the final fee. Well worth it because without them, certain players will not take you seriously. Unless you belong to one of the big planning firms in the city Ottawa, its really hard to get a serious contract from the city, especially with transit and transportation planning. The project I worked on with them was greatly aided simply by their massive name recognition. There name alone, shut down a prickly city manager who did not want me on this particular project. He began to question everything I did at meetings, I must have got the contract instead of someone he wanted. This difficult working situation was avoided because someone said, “look he’s working with KPMG you know his numbers are going to be bang on”. Even though I new I was dead on perfect with my conclusions, which were not overly popular, it sure helped having a big name on my side. Merely mentioning the name saved me from having to constantly defend nearly every calculation and statement I had made, every 5 minutes at every meeting.

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