SkyTrain Again Craps Out In The Snow And The Mayor’s Want To Build More?

SkyTrain is noted internationally that it doesn’t operate in the snow.

Poorly designed and poorly maintained, means the so called backbone of our transit system, turns spineless, leaving thousands of people to fend for themselves.

Toronto’s Scarborough line fails in the snow.

Detroit’s SkyTrain service stalls in snow.

JFK’s Airtrain balks in the snow.

And in Vancouver, a mere 4 cm of snow causes SkyTrain to crap out!

And the idiots at TransLink and the Mayor’s Council want to build more of it?

To again quote my late father, who was told by the Captain of his frigate, over a snafu from Halifax; “When you have idiot’s running the show, do not be surprised at the results.”

B.C. Storm: Snowfall hits Metro Vancouver, prompts road and transit delays

Snowfall hit the Metro Vancouver region quickly and swiftly on Sunday afternoon, with up to 10 centimetres expected.

It took a few months but it seems winter finally decided to visit the west coast.

Snowfall hit the Metro Vancouver region quickly and swiftly on Sunday afternoon, with up to 10 centimetres expected. The southeastern region of the Sunshine Coast, Greater Victoria, Southern Gulf Islands and Eastern and Inland Vancouver Island were also told to expect similar amounts of snowfall into Sunday evening.

“The heaviest snow for East Vancouver Island is expected on the Malahat Highway while the heaviest snow for Inland Vancouver Island is expected in the Lake Cowichan area where 10 to 15 centimetres of snow will fall through Monday morning,” read the snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada.

In Metro Vancouver, road warnings from local police agencies were plentiful, with snow blanketing all major routes and bridges connecting the region.

TransLink’s Expo Line has been negatively impacted from Lougheed to Columbia station. Customers traveling in either direction must now switch trains at Columbia station. A bus bridge put in place has been cancelled.

Update: At 6 pm, TransLink announced that Expo Line service has been impacted from Lougheed to Columbia station.

Any customers traveling in either direction will be required to switch trains at Columbia station. The bus bridge has been cancelled due to poor road conditions.


In Europe, cities with LRT or trams have plows to keep the track and roads clear of snow.


3 Responses to “SkyTrain Again Craps Out In The Snow And The Mayor’s Want To Build More?”
  1. Haveacow says:

    Question, the Scarborough RT Line has electric wire and coils to melt snow. It only really craps out when blowing snow builds up so fast that the electric wires can’t melt it fast enough. Unfortunately that can happen a lot during a Toronto winter. Does the Skytrain have heated coils at turnouts and electric wire to melt snow on the induction rail?

    Zwei Replies: I believe the switches are heated but the reaction rail, no.

  2. steve says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but the ‘Skytrains’ of Detroit and Toronto Scarborough being closed permanently? I swear I read that somewhere or maybe the snow is freezing my mind…

    This is always been a problem here with what they call skytrain, any snow and you better start walking or just call in sick…as it turns into a gong show and long waits for buses to come and fill the void if you can even get on…

    I wonder back in the day when metro had the Interurban out to the valley and street cars on many major streets out to New West if the snow caused problems? My late grandparents used to talk about how wonderful it was and for some reason weather delays never came up (but they were upset when it stopped as they could not get to Chilliwack any more and had to get a they thought it was perfectly good )

    Just youtube ‘streetcars snow’ and the ones in Toronto and the ones in Boston and Milwaukee seem perfectly fine in the snow or blizzards too…they even push snow out of the way like your photo above from Europe….. This ‘skytrain’ would never function in climates that get real winter and snow either.

    Zwei replies: tornto’s SRT or ICTS or Scarborough Line will be closed soon as it is nearing its “life expiry” date. Detroit recently reno’d their ICTS system and has a few years left in operation. Also note, Detroit is not building SkyTrain, rather light rail.

  3. Michael says:

    It only snows once or twice a year here. The trains can be driven by people if they get stuck in snow. Maybe the expo line should be converted to LRT and extended to Langley and Chiilwack.

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