SkyTrain Craps Out Again – So what Else Is new! (Updated)

For the third time this week, the SkyTrain Expo Line has shut down, first due to electrical problems; then for mechanical problems; and as I write this, the news on the radio claims that the Expo Line is closed for electrical and mechanical reasons – go figure.

For those who claim that SkyTrain is more reliable than light rail, I have news for you – IT ISN'T!

Yet politicians who support SkyTrain expansion seem to have collective amnesia, when it comes to operational problems with the mini-metro, let's hope the taxpayers don't come next weeks civic elections!


SkyTrain issues cause major delays

No word when things will return to normal

News1130 StaffNov 12, 2011 08:36:27 AM
SURREY (NEWS1130) – SkyTrain passengers are having some major problems this morning. A mechanical issue has completely stopped service on the Expo Line.

A bus bridge has been set up between King George Station and New Westminster Station. People will then have to transfer to another bus bridge from New Westminster Station to Braid Station and then take the Millennium Line to Commercial-Broadway Station and then head to Downtown Vancouver.

Earlier in the morning, the Canada Line was not working properly out to YVR.

Technicians are running test trains on the Expo Line, but there's word when things will be running normally.

SkyTrain service halted



Due to mechanical and electrical issues the Expo Line is not operating right now.

The Millennium Line is running between VCC-Clark and Sapperton stations.

Bus bridges are in place between Commercial-Broadway station and downtown Vancouver.

A bus bridge is also operating out of Surrey, from King George station to New Westminster station

Canada Line was having some problems earlier this morning, but Canada Line service is now back to normal.

Update 12:30 pm:

SURREY (NEWS1130) – SkyTrain passengers spent much of the morning waiting for a bus bridge after major mechanical issues slowed down service on the Canada Line and shut down the Expo Line.

Early this afternoon, the Expo Line was running normally. TransLink won't say what the problem was or why it took so long to fix.

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