SkyTrain Has Issues In Kuala Lumpur

The other SkyTrain is also having operational problems, including power issues, with system wide shutdowns.

Well, at least in Malaysia, when their transit system goes Ka-Put, the transit customers do get free rides. With TransLink it’s adios sucker, we know you will have to take SkyTrain whether you like it or not!


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  1. Haveacow says:

    One of the amazing things out of all of those articles was the admission that after only, 19-20 years of operation the electrical system, mainly the power restore system, the main power/3rd rail connector cables, many kilometres of third rail itself and the carrying capacity of the electrical transformers, were completely obsolete and in need of total replacement and upgrade if the line is to carry more passengers. Just like Vancouver. The other thing was that it was a serious enough of a situation to them that, the Prime Minister of Malaysia had to step in and order an electrical upgrade to the system through their Parliament.

    Zwei replies: The late Des Turner had a series of FAX’s from a Straight Times reporter outlining the history of the line. The government wanted a monorail and did not permit LRT in any form to bid on the project. Politicians in the ruling government indeed thought SkyTrain was a monorail (from some erroneous reporting in the USA) and ordered it built, only when the rails were being laid, they saw their mistake! The next rapid transit line built was indeed an monorail!

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