The Booster Class Just Chuckles and Leads The Taxpayer To Financial Slaughter.


One just has to shake ones head about this High Speed Rail article in the Daily Hive, but what is even more laughable is the comments by many people, who know little or nothing about HST.

Build it now“, says one comment; “please make this happen“, says another, yet no feasibility study or local costs are mentioned in the article.

Others blame “eco zealots” or who ever is the current blame worthy group they dislike for not building HST

Reality just is not in the cards for what is called the “Booster Class”; people who support any project with the perception of its being modern or futuristic, regardless of the cost.

The Booster Class rarely asks important questions such as cost, usability, or long term viability, but insist on the project being built with future taxpayers being on the hook to pay for it.

The same is true of the SkyTrain light metro system.

SkyTrain¬† is glitzy, futuristic (because it is driverless) and gives a public view as “doing something for transit”. It also looks nice for political photo-ops.

The Booster Class does not care about cost, rather the look, which is not unlike our local lady who drives her kids to school in a huge $60K Hummer, where a $14K Fiat 500 would do the very same job at a fraction of the cost.

The Booster Class does not care about cost as it is the look they like and with no thought for future costs, happily glad hand SkyTrain expansion until bankruptcy happens.

A current Surrey Councillor stated on last nights news, that “the Langley SkyTrain extension must happen, to solve out transportation problems in our city.

Really?, Really, really?

What the councilor is not saying is that building SkyTrain to Langley will cost $3.12 billion of which only $1.6 billion is funded, with operating costs, adding another $32.4 million to TransLink’s annual operating costs, with huge rehab costs in about 30 to 40 years time.

The realities of SkyTrain expansion are ignored and the Booster Class, just chuckles and leads the taxpayer to financial slaughter.

The Booster Class never consider long term costs of a project.


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