The Canadain Disease

Despite the churlish comments who oppose Zwei’s views on transit, claiming that I somehow invent issues and more, the following comment came via a chap I was corresponding with in Ontario and I just cannot help but agree.
Canadian transportation is now so hideously politicized that I just don’t see how we can bring any common sense and fiscal responsibility back into the issue.
In Metro Vancouver, when you have major universities resorting to a transit version of Lysenkoism ……….
Lysenkoism is a term that identifies as any deliberate distortion of scientific facts or theories for purposes that are deemed politically, religiously or socially desirable.
……….. to promote a transit mode, once supplied by Bombardier Inc. and actively promoting hugely expensive mega projects, the Broadway subway and the Expo Line extension to Langley, such planning boarders on professional and academic¬† misconduct.
Only in Vancouver, with the backing of graduate planners and engineers, the SkyTrain light metro system is extended and not just ignoring light rail, they actively condemn the mode through dubious claims and grossly misleading information.
The grossly overstated density issue is one of these issues and the SkyTrain light metro network is not being built to provide better transit, instead it is to promote densification of properties along its route. This densification sees the replacement of affordable housing and replaced with unaffordable high rise condos and towers, which translates to big profits by land speculators and land developers.
You folks need to get soothing, worthwhile hobbies.¬† If you’re going to keep bashing your heads against the Canadian transportation brick wall in your spare time, you’ll all be coronary cases before long.¬† Fixing this situation is now an impossible task thanks to generations of politicians operating on behalf of their corporate bagmen, who are the ultimate profiteers.
Our formerly semi-credible and affordable public transportation system is gone and I don’t see it returning thanks to, as Captain Renaud says in Casablanca, “the usual suspects.”
All one can do is to sigh.


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  1. Canon says:

    Most people support extending the skytrain. Canada is democratic so government give the people what they want. Building the tram to Chilliwack is not going to win votes.

    Zwei replies; You forgot the plebiscite where over 61% of the people rejects funding TransLink’s plans. I guess it is only democratic if you like the decision. Learn to enjoy gridlock, it will be with you in surrey for a lifetime!

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