The Expo Line Extension to Langley: The Reelection Line!

Prime Minister Trudeau wants cool photo-ops for the federal election, coming sometime this summer and fall.

The mayor of Surrey wants cool photo-ops for next years civic election in 2022.

Premier John Horgan wants cool photo-ops for anything not involving  Covid and wildfires and for the provincial election in 2024.

Politicians need a good back drop for cool photo-ops, showing voters of themselves smiling, while spending billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money on politically prestigious transit projects. And what makes a better backdrop for cool photo-ops is thousands of tons of concrete in the guise of the Movia Automatic Light Metro, otherwise known as “SkyTrain”.

The Expo Line extension to Langley should be called the Reelection Line, because that is what it has become and not better transit.

Yet, the very same politicians singing hosannas for the “Reelection  Line” do not mention the higher taxes, higher user fees and fare increases needed to pay for their “Edsel” light metro. Higher taxes, higher user fees and fare increases make for very bad photo-ops.

The “Reelection Line” bill will come sometime after 2024, keeping all politicians safe for another election cycle.

This is standard for how transit is planned in BC and has been successful for over 40 years!

The Reelection Line brought to you by the tax and spend federal, provincial and civic politicians where the taxpayer is always held for ransom.

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