The Federal Budget – LRT Mentioned, But Not A Subway

The Federal budget did not hold any transit surprises, with $370 million to be spent over five years for transit project support.

Well, $370 million will buy you about one kilometre of a Broadway subway or put another way, 200 metres a year spread over five years, big deal!

We could build 2 km of light rail a year for the same price.

Lots of bumf from the regional mayors, but despite brave faces and vague promises, there was no extra cash for Vancouver’s cherished subway yet, light rail was mentioned in the budget.

One did get the impression from the language, that the Trudeau Liberals did not want to fund vanity projects. We will wait and see.

5 wins for B.C. in the federal budget

Felicity Stone | Mar 22, 2016

The budget we’ve all been waiting for

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the Trudeau Liberal governmentai??i??s first budget on Wednesday. Hereai??i??s some of whatai??i??s in it for B.C.

1. $460 million for transit
$3.4 billion over three years to upgrade and improve public transit systems across Canada; B.C will receive $460 million.Ai??The budget specifies light rail in Greater Vancouver, but no mention of the proposed Broadway subway line

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Vancouver traffic congestion is worse than in Toronto or Montreal, according to the latest Tom Tom survey. (Globe and Mail)

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