The Regional Mayor’s Pork Barrel Express

The provincial government is in turmoil and those who “Pay to Play” on the municipal scene are getting anxious, as billions in potential profits are being put on hold for the moment.

The Metro Vancouver’s metro Mayors Ten Year Plan is nothing more than a skillfully drafted document that is designed to direct the flow of taxpayer’s dollars into the pockets of political supporters and nothing more. The planned Broadway SkyTrain subway is a very good example of this.

Planning to build a dated and capacity constricted mini-metro in a subway under Broadway to Arbutus has now turned into a $3 billion nightmare and threatens regional transit in the region. The Broadway subway will not benefit transit customers at all and is inferior to a at-grade/on-street LRT option costing about one tenth to build!

Who benefits from a subway?

  1. Land developers and land speculators who fund Vision(less) Vancouver’s political machine. it is called “Pay to Play”.
  2. The cement manufacturers stand to make huge profits, with massive amount of cement used on the subway.
  3. Engineering firms stand to make huge profits with all the extra engineering services needed with subway construction.
  4. Politicians, cutting ribbons. Building subways is always a good background for politicians at election time, where they con the voters into thinking that the massive costs are actually worth it.

Surrey’s $2.5 billion LRT,Ai?? is being designed as a “poor man’s” SkyTrain and the same people will benefit from LRT’s construction as the Broadway subway, only on a smaller scale.

The Mayor’s Ten Year Plan is more about moving money, than moving people and those most in need for better transit, will be left at the station waiting for a train that will never come, as the political pork barrel express is about to leave.


Mayorsai??i?? Council anxious political turmoil could derail ambitious transportation plan

Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk

Posted: May 25, 2017

With the continuing political uncertainty in B.C., the Mayorsai??i?? Council on Regional Transportation is calling on all parties to commit to quick action on Metro Vancouverai??i??s ten-year transportation plan.

Surrey mayor and Vice-Chair of the Mayorai??i??s Council Linda Hepner says the current state of political limbo has her uneasy about the future.

She says with the results of the election finalized the mayors want to hear from the parties that theyai??i??re committed to moving quickly on the regionai??i??s transportation priorities.

ai???Iai??i??m worried because itai??i??s a very hyper-political environment right now and when itai??i??s so unstable then, of course, you have to be worried about large

Those projects include big-ticket infrastructure items like the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge, a new light rail system for Surrey, and a subway along Broadway.

The concern comes against the backdrop of the Mayorsai??i?? Councilai??i??s ten-year-vision, a comprehensive plan to improve transit, roads and active transportation infrastructure.

Phase one of that plan, largely involving increases in bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus service, is already underway, while phase two, which involves the major capital investments has been approved but is not fully funded.

Ottawa and Victoria have both pledged to cover 40 per cent of transit funding, but cash for the Pattullo and questions around how Metro Vancouver will pay its remaining share remain unsettled.

ai???I am nervous, I was nervous around the referendum stage and the timeline it took for that and Iai??i??m just very concerned that this will cause another timing delay that simply canai??i??t happenai??? Hepner says.

The BC Liberals have said that if elected, they will still require a referendum on any new funding source the Metro Vancouver mayors develop.


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3 Responses to “The Regional Mayor’s Pork Barrel Express”
  1. eric chris says:

    After the new Minister of TransLink is sworn into power, it is going to be a very good time to lay criminal charges against TransLink’s directors who are responsible for the skimming of money used to pay for s-train. Directors at TransLink are merely funneling money to firms making money from s-train. It is nothing more than white collar crime.

    Weaver and Horgan, I think, would be in favour of no more spending on s-train to instead spend on the tram-train which benefits more people for less money than the s-train. It opens the door to the dissolution of TransLink (Metro Vancouver transit authority) for BC Transit (provincial transit authority) to prudently spend money with a province wide focus (to do the most good with the provincial money which is available for public transit). Right now, too much provincial money is being spent on billion dollar concrete viaducts and subways for public transit by TransLink which only offers municipal transit in Metro Vancouver. It is depriving municipalities in the rest of the province of critically needed provincial money for public transit service.

    On a side note, TransLink has been found not criminally negligent for being criminally negligent in the death of family pet, Maggie, which was allowed to run around on the tracks until the s-train splattered its guts along the tracks. As usual, nobody at TransLink is to blame:

    “The 10-year-old canine became disoriented and ended up on SkyTrain [s-train] tracks where it was struck and killed … It was later discovered that a control operator had ordered a train to continue [TransLink followed standard operating procedures which allow trains to kill dogs and TransLink can’t be charged or found criminally negligent for having unsafe procedures. TransLink is free to break the law as long as TransLink has procedures in place to break the law.] … new operating procedure now requires all trains be stopped [for 30 minutes] when an animal intrusion is reported [about the time required to clean dog guts from tracks] … It was unfortunate that TransLink didn’t have such operating procedures … In all likelihood, Crown would not accept charges in this case [TransLink has enough money to “OJ” its way out of anything and it would have been a waste of time to lay charges].”

    RIP Maggie. TransLink now allows dogs 30 minutes to get off the tracks before TransLink gives the go ahead to spatter dog guts along the tracks. Your death was not in vain.

  2. eric chris says:

    Surrey Mayor: if timing delay is such a concern, go with tram lines which you can afford to build, operate and maintain. We all know that TransLink is $4 billion in the hole with no way to get out of the financial quagmire. Cut the crap.

    “TransLink’s net debt in the 2014 calendar year was $3.58 billion — its interest payments make up 12.4% of revenues.”

    All the new spending is to try to impose road tolls to give TransLink billions of dollars in new funding. Just get rid of TransLink. It saves tens of billions of dollars over the coming decades. Go with trams which can be financed with the current TransLink budget and provide spare cash to pay off TransLink’s $4 billion debt in another 10 years.

  3. Haveacow says:

    Eric you have to be very careful this is an actionable statement. They do go after people on the internet and have made examples of them! People who have made those statements in the past did have to pay 5 and 6 figure legal penalties. Both in Ontario and more importantly, BC!

    “After the new Minister of TransLink is sworn into power, it is going to be a very good time to lay criminal charges against TransLink’s directors who are responsible for the skimming of money used to pay for s-train. Directors at TransLink are merely funneling money to firms making money from s-train. It is nothing more than white collar crime.”

    Do you have REAL legal information that can be proven in a court that they (Translink’s directors) have skimmed public funds. Do you have proof they, the directors from Translink funneled money towards other firms making I assume some kind of extra profit from Skytrain. The reason I say this is that a friend of mine who is a lawyer is right beside me and read your statement and said you had better have real legal proof of this or you can be sued right now! You would loose, big! It’s just a warning my friend, Translink does read this site.

    The reason Translink wasn’t charged with anything more than a careless operation fine was that, stray animals and or pets have very little legal status, unfortunately, under Canadian Law. Under most of our laws the pets are considered property, like a radio or a computer, not a person under the law with legal protection. They are also the responsibility of the owner to control them and not trespass onto Translink property in the first place.

    For any charge of cruelty to stick you would have to show that Translink has a history of running down pets who stray onto their tracks and have continuously run them down despite constant warnings, not just once. Yes, you also have to provide evidence that this is indeed the normal situation, like multiple dead bodies of these pets. Links to news stories don’t count, you need pictures sworn legal testimony and or video evidence that show the animal being hit and that they are indeed “legally owned, with a registered dog or cat license” and exactly how they got onto the tracks or how you suspect they got onto the tracks. Again providing evidence.