The Stadler Option

The Stadler product is gaining traction in North America and now has a manufacturing plant in North America.

Unlike Bombardier, which relies on the government to secure train orders for them in North America, Stadler had to fight hard to sell its product on this side of the pond.

There is a dichotomy between Stadler and Bombardier Inc., Stadler has to please its customers and Bombardier does not and if one has has any doubts on this point, just ask the TTC in Toronto and their very late tram deliveries.

For the Valley TramTrain project, I believe the Stadler option would best suit the Valley TramTrain needs!


Stadler completes first TEX Rail DMU

03 Aug 2017

USA: Stadler has completed the first Flirt multiple-unit to be assembled in the USA at its plant at North Salt Lake in Utah. The DMU for the TEX Rail project will be officially unveiled at the ATPA Expo in Atlanta in October.

In 2015 the Fort Worth Transportation Authority signed a $100m contract with Stadler for the supply of eight DMUs. This was Stadlerai??i??s first contract to include federal funding and was thus subject to Buy America regulations requiring 60% of the contract value to be sourced in the USA. The bodyshells and bogies are being produced in Switzerland, with final assembly taking place in Utah.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the TEX Rail commuter route were held in August 2016. Due to open in 2018, the 43Ai??km line would link central Fort Worth with Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Around half of the $1bn cost, which includes rolling stock, is being met from federal sources.




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  1. Jim says:

    Would love to see these serving the Fraser Valley! Why is Delta’s mayor the only one talking about rail transit to Chilliwack & Abbotsford!? The NDP got the West Coast Express running. We have an NDP government again, it’s time for local governments south of the Fraser to push for improved transit. 4 round trips on the 66 isn’t enough.

    Zwei replies: According to our consultant at Leewood last year, we could have a twice an hour service from Langley and a 90 minute service from Chilliwack for about $750 million.

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