The Sum of Zwei’s Fears – Is The Surrey LRT Project, A Utility Renewal Project With Rails?

It seems Surrey’s LRT project is in reality a road and underground utility renewal project with rails, hence the massive construction costs.

Are these road and renew weal projects needed?

Was the Hawthorne Park Road needed?


Do the underground utilities need replacing?

Probably not.

It is the cancer of light rail projects in North America, where costs soar to to the political charade of masquerading road building and underground utility renewals and construction, onto the new LRT’s construction tab.

More and more, the $165 million/km Surrey LRT project looks like it is nothing more than a road building and utility upgrading project with rails.

Early work on Surrey LRT hits a snag as sewage backup shutters police station


By Senior Reporter  CKNW
Cleanup is underway at a Surrey RCMP building after early work on the city’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) system caused a backup of sewage.
A sanitary sewer line was being moved by construction crews near 104 Avenue and 148 Street on Tuesday when a temporary bypass pump failed, causing sewage to backup into the police station.

A claim has been submitted to the contractor and the RCMP building is closed indefinitely.

“We’re still evaluating and assessing the impacts and determining the next steps,” said LRT project director Scott Neuman.

He also said there are three projects underway right now before the ‘real’ LRT work gets going.

“TransLink and the city are working together on identifying the next round of advanced works.”

Neuman said this kind of incident is not unusual during utility construction.


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  1. Haveacow says:

    Zwei, 85%-90% of all sewer and water lines in North America need replacing, period! These pipes are supposed to be replaced every 40 years, 50 at the most. Some of the sewer and water pipes being replaced for both Ottawa’s and Waterloo’s LRT were over a 100 years old! I do agree that these other municipal infrastructure costs shouldn’t be added to the LRT projects of North America, as a rule in Europe they aren’t but they are desperately needed! It has come to this because no one in the 1970′s, 80′s & 90′s wanted to pay the higher municipal taxes that were needed to replace them.

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