This Is Light Rail.

The new Camberra Australia, light rail line.

This is classic light rail.

Reserved or dedicated, at-grade rights-of-way and easy pedestrian access across the line is the hallmark of LRT.

All the benefits of a metro at a fraction of the cost.

So, why does the provincial NDP, the City of Vancouver and the Mayor’s Council on Transit not support light rail?

Why instead, does the provincial NDP, the city of Vancouver and The mayor’s council on Transit keep supporting the now obsolete and extremely expensive light-metro system, with two lines using the equally obsolete, proprietary ART Movia Metro?

Maybe it has something to do about certain political contributions and donations?


2 Responses to “This Is Light Rail.”
  1. Haveacow says:

    To be fair, the City of Canberra is a artificial pre-designed city, with nice extremely wide road medians that had been set aside for streetcars and express intercity railways from the beginning. They just never put in the trains, until now. However, they have built a beautiful and simple LRT Line that is scalable and easily expandable. Bravo!

    Does it have the capacity of Vancouver’s Skytrain? No, not yet, they don’t need that. What they did is build a rail based rapid transit starter line, 12 km long for less than $750 Million (CAD). Yes, there are only a few small bridges crossing over major roads and intersections as well as no need for major bridges, kilometers of below grade tunnels stations and facilities. This keeps capital building and operating costs way down and greatly simplifies rail operations.

  2. Rob Sutherland says:

    Should have been used in Richmond. 3 Road is a lesson in failure. But then this from the company with the ticket dispensers where you need to bend down as though tying one’s shoelaces to retrieve your fare.

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