Toronto Elected a Ford, But Instead got An Edsel

Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, is an American tea-bag clone or clown (depending if one voted for him or not) who had big transit ideas. No more streetcars, no LRT, but miles and milesAi??(sorry kilometres and kilometres) of new subway construction.

Well, financial reality has hit with a big bang and with Mayor Ford’s unwanted help and inept ideas has now made public transit both expensive and non-user friendly. Affordable transit schemes were thrown outAi?? and instead ‘pie in the sky’ subway plans has turned “Transit City” into the city of perpetual gridlock.

I hope voters in the metro Toronto region get it right in the next civic elections.

Ah yes,Ai??one wishesAi??that the subway lobby in Vancouver are taking notes!–mayor-rob-ford-to-toronto-don-t-read-the-star?bn=1–scarborough-ttc-riders-will-be-stuck-with-buses-for-four-years

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