Toronto Signalling Study Of Great Import For Rail for The Valley

With thanks to Mr.Cow!

Signalling, the fine art of keeping trains from crashing into each other, is very important for the Fraser Valley TramTrain project and developments in Ontario are very relevant here.

Toronto, is now planning to have GO Train’s new RER system integrating with the new Smart Track surface subway proposal. The report was done by City of TorontoAi??Transit Planning Staff & MetrolinxAi??presented andAi??delivered to the City’s of Toronto’s Executive Committee. This is a very important study because this will most likely be the test case for theAi??eventual choice of how the interlining and scheduling of two different transit operating technologies operating in the same corridor should be done. This will greatly determine the structure and how the TramTrain concept must be planned, if it is to be legal for Transport Canada. If they can get this to work in Toronto, this will be the planning model the Valley TramTram must follow.

The study link.

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