Track Issues

Really, TransLink’s “TransLink Speak” is getting tiresome.

Medical emergency” means another poor soul has committed suicide by throwing ones self in front of a train.

Track issues“, translates into a host of problems, but in TransLink’s lexicon, it generally means we don’t care and any excuse is a good excuse.

What was the track issue?

Frozen/broken switch? Damage to the inductive loops? Ice build up on the reaction rail?  Or?

TransLink treats its customers as cattle, generally thinking that customers are to stupid and cannot understand the reasons for the delay.

This must stop, as the public is growing very tired of it and except for a brainwashed cadre of the SkyTrain Lobby, who saturates social media with rah,rah, SkyTrain to here and there, maybe its time to demand TransLink to keep the damn train operating in winter conditions or fire senior management and find people who can.

Serious delays to downtown SkyTrain service after ‘track issue’ leads to overcrowding

By Sean Boynton Global News

Posted January 16, 2020

Passengers crowd the Main Street SkyTrain Station platform during a track issue affecting the Expo Line in downtown Vancouver on Jan. 16, 2020.

A “track issue” on the Expo Line system in downtown Vancouver caused serious delays to SkyTrain service Thursday in the midst of the evening commute.

TransLink said the issue, which was first reported around 4 p.m., was affecting the track near Stadium-Chinatown Station, forcing trains to single track between Main Street and Commercial-Broadway stations.

A bus bridge was also been set up between Waterfront and Commercial-Broadway.

The Millennium and Canada lines were not affected by the issue.

TransLink has not explained what the specific track issue was.

It’s not yet clear if it was related to the heavy snow that fell on the Lower Mainland between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, or ice or flooding created by that snow.

The delay came as the evening commute ramped up, along with hockey fans descending on Rogers Arena for a Vancouver Canucks game set to start at 7 p.m.

Passengers at Main Street Station said they were frustrated by the long wait, some standing on the platform for longer than half an hour.

“There’s no one from TransLink here to tell us what’s actually happening,” one man said. “People are screwed getting home.”

Attendants were seen on platforms explaining the issue to passengers.

When trains finally did arrive at Main Street, they were too crowded for many people to get on.

The issue was finally cleared just before 6 p.m., with TransLink warning long wait times will continue as the crowds disperse and service gets back to normal.

TransLink is asking customers to be patient and follow the latest information on its website and Twitter account.


News Flash

More problems for SkyTrain due to track issue


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) Friday Jan. 17 2020 – It’s been a problem-filled few days for TransLink.

After major weather- and switch-related delays on Wednesday, and significant problems with tracks on Thursday, it appears the SkyTrain has taken yet another hit.

A shuttle train is in effect on the Expo Line between Burrard and Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain stations due to another track issue.

“There is currently no Expo Line service in or out of Waterfront Station,” TransLink says in a statement. “We will be deploying additional bus services to assist passengers.”

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