TramTrain For Halifax?

As LRT planning spreads across Canada, transportation planners are beginning to understand the flexibility of the mode.

Commuter rail, using unwieldy commuter passenger cars are yesterdays transit solution, while TramTrain is a 21st century transit solution.

Just to think, if Metro Vancouver had built the Leewood/Rail for the Valley, Vancouver to Chilliwack TramTrain, we could have been selling our expertise elsewhere, in stead of trying to flog a dead horse transit system like SkyTrain, that no one wants!



Group proposes light-rail transit system for Halifax

Steve Silva By Video Journalist Ai??Global News

WATCH: A group wants Halifax to exploring installing a type of transit system many other cities around the world use. Globalai??i??s Steve Silva reports.

Ai??A group is pushing for consideration to be given to potentially starting up a light-rail transit (LRT) system in Halifax to make public transit more efficient and tackle the challenges of a growing municipality.

ai???We need to start looking outside the box at alternatives,ai??? said Ben Macleod, one of the creators of theAi??Halifax Light Rail Alliance, said on Thursday.

The group isAi??proposing a transitAi??line that stretches from Sackville and looping on the Halifax peninsula to Clayton Park, using rails that already exist and others that would need to be created.

Future extensions could connect to Dartmouth, Spryfield, and other communities.

Macleod said he has presented the plan to two municipal politicians.

He noted that the federal government is helping fund other LRT projects in Canada.

Dalhousie University transportation professor Ahsan Habib said that the plan has merit.

ai???LRT will give this physical identity that this transit will run well connecting communities, so it will probably give a boost to transit-oriented development, more density,ai??? he said.

Habib said that LRT is the preferable transit option because it is relatively cheaper and easier to expand compared to commuter rail.

Commuter rail in the works

Bedford ai??i?? Wentworth Councillor Tim Outhit has been pushing to bring a commuter rail option using existing infrastructure.

He said heai??i??s hoping to get it started within a couple of years for around $30 to $50 million, not including operating costs.

Although Outhit said he shares the vision of the group, he says it is ai???prematureai??? to discuss LRT at the moment.

ai???We have to walk before we run,ai??? he said.

Macleod said even though the groupai??i??s proposal would be years away before taking detailed shape the municipal government needs to plan ahead. He said preserving a portion of the redeveloped Cogswell Interchange lands for a future light rail service would be an example.

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