TramTrain for Hungary

From the International Railway Journal.

As TransLink and the regional mayors still champion hugely expensive vanity projects for the region, TramTrain makes very good economic sense.

A basic, bare-bones hourly service, using diesel light rail vehicles, from Vancouver to Chilliwack, would cost about $750 million. A more intense electric service, with a 20 minute service would today cost just over $1 billion, provide faster commute times from Langley and South Surrey to Vancouver and probably attract more new transit customers than the present Mayor’s council and TransLink’s plans.

A combined new road/rail bridge replacing the aging Patullo Bridge and the decrepit Fraser River Rail Bridge, plus with the full build Leewood/Rail for the Valley TramTrain plan, combined would cost no more than $2 billion; attract more new customers; and most likely would win public approval in a referendum.

The real problem is that it is a Rail for the Valley plan and not a TransLink plan and that makes a lot of people working at TransLink very nervous.


Planning begins for Hungary’s first tram-train line

Written byAi?? Ferenc Joo

PLANNING began on March 18 for Hungary’s first tram-train project, which will link the tram network in the city Szeged and a planned light rail line in HA?dmezAi??vA?sA?rhely via Hungarian State Railways’ (MA?V) Szeged ai??i?? BAi??kAi??scsaba line.

Utiber, Hungary, is responsible for planning the Forints 20bn ($US 72m) project and will complete detailed feasibility studies by the end of the year. Detailed planning and approval will take place next year and construction will begin in 2017 with the project due for completion in 2018.

The project involves linking Szeged tram Line 2 to the main line network at Szeged-RA?kus station. Tram-trains will run on the MA?V line as far HA?dmezAi??vA?sA?rhely-NAi??pkert, continuing on a new light rail alignment through the town centre before rejoining the heavy rail line at the city’s main station. The alignment of the light rail line in HA?dmezAi??vA?sA?rhely has yet to be finalised.

MA?V is planning to electrify the Szeged ai??i?? BAi??kAi??scsaba ai??i?? Gyula line by 2020 although there are doubts over when this project will be completed, which means the Szeged tram-train may initially operate with dual-mode vehicles.

It is also possible that a second track will need to be constructed between Szeged-RA?kus and HA?dmezAi??vA?sA?rhely to accommodate the increase in traffic.

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