TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond Must Resign – Canada Line Chaos

Snow was predicted in Metro Vancouver 48 hours ago and today, when it snowed TransLink was completely unprepared!

Eighteen buses were involved in collisions on Friday, but that is not the story. It is what happened on the Canada Line in Friday’s afternoon rush that demonstrates total incompetence at TransLink and ultimately TransLink’s CEO Kevin Desmond must take blame.

My wife, who works in Vancouver takes transit daily and with today’s snow she was confident of a secure journey home with minimal delays due to weather.

Not with TransLink!

It took almost an hour for the Canada Line mini-metro to travel from Broadway Station to Marine Drive, with the train creeping along the route.

At Marine Drive Station, the train finally went ka-put and the customers were left on the train for 15 minutes, then forced onto the platform for a further 15 minutes. Ultimately TransLinkA� closed the station and forced customers onto the street, to join a now over a thousand passengers already chased from their trains and waiting for promised buses that never came.

Only two buses in 40 minutes arrive, with one being a small shuttle bus and they only went to the airport, no buses to Bridgeport station, the main transit hub! Brilliant!

Minor fights and scuffles were taking place on the buses as passengers crushed forward to escape the cold and snow.

During this time, almost one hour, no one from TransLink was around to control the mob and people were now in a lynching mood.

My wife escaped the ever growing ugly crowd on the small shuttle-bus to the airport to get warm, leaving the chaos and near riot at Marine Drive Station.

This should not have happened and the complete lack of any customer service,certainly indicates Translink’s management are completely out of touch and ultimately, TransLink’s new CEO Kevin Desmond must take full responsibility and he must resign.

Not only must Kevin Desmond resign, the entire senior management at BC Rapid Transit should be fired for sheer incompetence.

Addendum: CKNW Radio is reporting that TransLink is claiming a bus bridge is operating between Marine Drive and Bridgeport. It is a complete lie, there is no bus bridge, as witnessed by my wife. CEO Kevin Desmond must resign!


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8 Responses to “TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond Must Resign – Canada Line Chaos”
  1. eric chris says:

    How I am not surprised? I don’t see the new CEO at TransLink making it to the end of 2017.

    Public transit doesn’t get more Mickey Mouse than by TransLink. TransLink is nothing more than a provincial government bureaucracy paying a bunch of hooligans funneling our money to firms making zillions to build s-train and $100 million annually to operate s-train from the airport to Vancouver (when there isn’t a two centimeter blizzard shutting it down that is).

    “Feb 3 2017 6:27:PM
    Canada Line Service Disruption… Trains are currently not able to travel between Bridgeport Station & Marine Dr Station. Shuttle trains are running from Waterfront to Marine Dr Stn, from Bridgeport to YVR, and from Bridgeport to Richmond-Brighouse. A shuttle bus is in place between Marine Dr Station and Bridgeport Station.”

    It took until the wheels fell off the s-train for the CBC to finally announce the disaster as part of the weather forecast for Saturday. Nobody at TransLink was keen to call it in to the CBC or admit that passengers were delayed on s-train today.

    “On Friday evening TransLink announced the closure of the Canada Line between Marine Station to Bridgeport, with a shuttle bus operating in the interim, and buses throughout the region are experiencing delays.”

    There is no reason for TransLink to exist in Metro Vancouver. BC Transit runs public transit everywhere else in British Columbia. BC Transit can run public transit in Metro Vancouver, too. TransLink can hardly claim to be saving Metro Vancouver money or to be providing superior transit “service” with s-train compared to what BC Transit might offer (LRT).

    Scrap TransLink. Scrap TransLink along with the CEO making $1,000 every day and all the directors making whatever much too much. Scrap it and them. Scrapped …

    Elsewhere in the news, the directors and CEO at TransLink refuse to disclose how much money they squandered to bully a student and collect $173. TransLink’s CEO and directors spent more than $100,000 but not more than $1 million to teach her a lesson. They can’t nail it down more than that?

    Wouldn’t it be more economical to run trams which don’t have escalators to replace, build and maintain? Would not trams with less equipment to breakdown than s-train be safer and more reliable than s-train?

    “Beginning in 2018, TransLink will replace 35 Expo Line escalators and three WCE escalators over the next four years. That’s down from the initial six years that TransLink estimated that this would take when they announced the project last year. The project is budgeted at $47.7 million… TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said that most of the escalators on the Expo line are 30 years old. “That’s too old,” Desmond said.”

    Zwei replies: What is so bad is that TransLink is lying about the event, the fist fights and general chaos. It is a shambles. THERE WAS NO BUS BRIDGE, JUST A SCHOOL BUS AND A SMALL SHUTTLE BUS)

  2. Haveacow says:

    You did never said why the Canada Line went ka-put?

    Zwei replies: According to TransLink, it was a track problem. Now this problem started in the morning rush and continued to the evening rush.

    The reason I posted this is because my wife phoned me crying because she was in a crowd of more than 1000 people (not the 100 TransLink claimed) and fights were breaking out to get on the first bus which was going to YVR! No one from TransLink did anything and all they got from TransLink was messages over the PA system. Only 2 buses, with one a shuttle bus, in over an hour and only going to YVR. TransLink is in full damage control this morning pretending the event did not take place!
    sorry, there is enough photos on the net of the chaos, yet the media is just reporting TransLink’s news releases.

  3. Bill says:

    This could all be solved if they allowed Canada Line passengers to take snow brooms so they could sweep the rail line and provided bus passengers to carry on salt, sand and snow shovels to be able to disembark and clear the bus routes. Duh!

  4. eric chris says:

    Vancouver’s mayor is one of the directors of TransLink. He’s been awfully quiet about public transit buses not having snow tires and the failure of s-train in winter weather. I’m watching empty, frequent and express diesel buses passing students and seniors stranded at trolleybus stops where the infrequent trolleybuses are slow to arrive.

    This is smart public transit by the out of touch dopes at TransLink? When the buses are crawling along and don’t have winter tires, what’s the point of “express” public transit? In fact, what the heck is TransLink doing with express “diesel buses” running underneath trolleybus wires on trolleybus routes in Vancouver? Are the soot blowing and mostly empty diesel buses (frequent service every minute) curbing carbon emissions and improving the health of Vancouverites inhaling diesel exhaust laced with lead, mercury and arsenic?

    From the candid comments on the web, the big ticket subway dream of Vancouver’s mayor is as dead as the Vancouver mayor’s future reelection is. TransLink spends zillions on s-train and millions on public consultations to flog the subway in Vancouver but skimps on snow tires for buses to put the lives of passengers and the public in peril? There were dozens of accidents from sliding TransLink buses on the roads.

    What if we factor in all the money spent on snow tires and winter extras in Calgary, Ottawa … Toronto for public transit? Is TransLink’s public transit which costs the most in Canada, anyway without snow tires and extras, value for money? Here are some comments that you won’t read in the newspapers where TransLink advertises:

    “…….14 hours ago Without any doubt this will be Mayor Grego Roberston’s final term, he is a lazy, irresponsible moron!”

    “Jayla Cain11 hours ago Can’t wait to see this clown finally gone. The day can’t arrive soon enough. Tick tock.”

    “Ken13 hours ago He was ready this time. The bike lanes were cleared and salted. What an idiot.”

    “Erica5 hours ago Why should he care? He has been in Mexico, sunning himself with “wanting qu”, who is just as dopey and uncaring as he is. Oh yes, and he is a Lieberal. Their motto and attitude towards BC, is” Let them eat Cake”.

    “john13 hours ago that’s not really Robertson it’s a stand in . Robertson is actually in Fiji getting wined & dined by the big condo developers under the table $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for new building permits so the rich people can come to Vancouver and squeeze out the real working of Vancouver into poverty”


    Zwei replies:

    I have been told that there are snow tires for buses, but they give a very bad ride and most transit agencies do not use them, instead, some buses are “chained” in hilly areas (SFU perhaps) to ensure service. What TransLink does not have is a snow plan which sees trunk routes kept clear for buses. There seems to be no coordination between the cities and municipalities for such a snow plan. A emergency snow plan would have gone a long way in providing some sort of transit service.

  5. Haveacow says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, the Canada line uses conventional electric propulsion with I’m assuming a copy of or something very similar to the Bombardier’s Cityflo 650 automated train control operating system used on the Skytrain, right?

    If the trains were moving slowly, but still moving all day its not a power control issue. Unless a connection to a particular transformer for a major section of mainline is damaged which would mean that, the voltage is constant but suddenly the electrical resistance is proportionally higher due to a drop in current. That would cover the fact that the trains were moving but slowly due to electrical current issues. If that was the problem, that should have been sending warning messages all day and night even with ancient rail operating and or railway electrical control systems going back to the 1930′s or 1940′s.

    Or, the communication modules on all the trains were interfered with by the snow in some way. Thus triggering some kind of slow mode operation in the trains. How much snow did you guys get yesterday? Do they not have some kind heating coil on the Canada Line right of way to melt snow and ice, at least at the turnouts anyway?

    There is no doubt that Translink’s “bus bridge” did not roll out as expected and I mean this with the most sincerity I can muster, I HOPE YOUR WIFE IS FEELING ALRIGHT?

    ON A VERY, VERY IMPORTANT POINT! Your wife has suffered what can only be described as very stressful day and I say this because just from what you said and how you and tour wife reacted, your wife is suffering the beginnings of PTSD.

    As a sufferer myself, gained from the dark old days of Peace Keeping in the Canadian Forces, I see the signs just from what you told us. I’m not saying that this will be the debilitating type that destroys lives and marriages however, watch for it. The automatic side of your wife’s brain saw the situation breaking down in front of her, getting progressively worse. The conscious side of her brain has been let down by the fact that, the people who should be helping Translink, can’t or won’t make the situation better. Or just not before her personal situation and safety, totally disintegrates. Thus, the non-conscious side of her brain has kicked in, with the fight or flight response, its automatic she doesn’t have a choice, it just happens. That’s why she’s was crying, she is fighting the unconscious brain’s fight or flight response with a conscious side that is at a disadvantage. She knows or has convinced itself things around her are going to get worse, before they get better, maybe a lot worse. I’m not saying she is weak emotionally or can’t handle it, in fact, its the normally calm people who don’t get easily flustered who are most at risk of PTSD. That’s why fights were braking out, just a different side of the same reaction to the fight or flight response.

    If she hasn’t already, she will have one or maybe have multiple fairly significant, uncharacteristic, emotional meltdowns or outbursts in the next 24-72 hours, watch for them. This is a normal release mechanism when you have a highly emotional and stressful life event.

    Just tell her you are important to her and know if she does blow up on you, all you can do is sit down and endure it, you are the poor shmuck who married her after all. If you have been together long enough you definitely seen these emotional explosions from time to time, happen before. Remember, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY, Don’t SWEAT IT, she’s just releasing. However, if strange behavior starts and or does continue for sometime (only you know, what is normal or strange behavior for her). Talk to a mental health professional quickly get it under control, fast! Remember, as pissed off as you are at Translink, your focus should be her for a while. Give her some flowers, give her a massage or better yet, pay for a professional to do it, make a dinner she likes, be extra nice to her for a few days. I’m sure you get the idea.

    Tell her that other people through your website are pulling for her and you have earned the right to one free “grand public freak out” on the next transit employee who just happens to also be a moron. Just don’t hurt anyone and if someone makes a video of you freaking out, don’t be embarrassed, use the number of views as a badge of honor! I don’t normally say she or anyone for that matter, has the right to freak out on an transit employee but maybe in this situation she deserves the benefit of the doubt. After suffering threw a situation that was not her fault and most definitely where, Translink, has screwed up! Translink deserves the resulting bad press, if it does indeed, happen.

    Zwei replies: All TransLink has aid is; “that is was a track issue”.

    A German transit engineer, who deals with safety issues, replies to me privately hat in Germany, such a situation would be deemed criminal and a criminal investigation would happen if this occurred in Germany. TransLink does, what TransLink does best, hide from the truth!

  6. Haveacow says:

    I was also going to say this is one of the problems with unmanned trains, there is no one to officially take charge and control the situation before it breaks down totally. This is one of the main reasons why the TTC originally did not want unmanned operation for the Scarborough RT line (the Skytrain Line in Toronto). There is no one there if an emergency happens and people begin to panic or just loose it emotionally. This is also the reason for at least one station ticket agent at each station in Toronto rapid transit network.

  7. r says:

    Zwei replies: Thank you for this.

    The claim is pure nonsense because: 1) Trains are crossing the bridge every 3 to four minutes, clearing the track and third rail of snow and 2) My wife saw a train manually driven across the bridge. In fact it was the only attendant at Marine Drive and it looks like he took the first stage out of Dodge.

    According to chatter in the social media, The Canada Line was having severe problems in the morning rush as well.

  8. Scott says:

    Prediction: No one will be held accountable
    These rapid transit screw-ups would be a thing of the past, if a few top executives were fired for cause each time one occurred. It should be driven home; when the transit stops so does executive employment.

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