TransLink’s PR Stunt & Factbender Follies

TransLink is going to review fares. Great, I thought, they are listening to the public, who hold the ossified bureaucracy in high odor, but it was too good to be true as the minister in charge of Transit, Mr. Factbender is rehashing an old idea, create a density tax for new high rise development.

But Mr. Factbender, has this not failed in the past, as higher taxes on new construction, only increases the cost for the poor punters wanting to buy a condo or rent a shop?

Maybe, Factbender and his band of merry Liberals have tossed aside any thought of affordable housing and commercial space and let the well heeled offshore buyers buy the new condo’s and shops and to hell with the locals as they are too poor to matter.

Remember, those well heeled offshore buyers do not take transit.

This begs the question: ” Is the announcement of a fare review by TransLink, nothing more than a PR stunts to hide a tax grab?”


TransLink launches first review of fare system in 30 years, asks for your input

by NEWS 1130 Staff

Posted May 24, 2016

(Photo credit: Dustin Godfrey for NEWS 1130)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? TransLink is asking for your input on itsAi??fare system.

The survey isAi??part of a four-phase review of the transit fare policy, which will take up to two years to complete.

This is the first comprehensive look at the structure of TransLinkai??i??s fare system in over 30 years. The three-zone policy was originally brought in back in 1984.

The transit authority says the fare review will include technical analysis and feedback will be used to develop different fare system options.

Final recommendations will be shared at the end of the two-year process.

TransLink was recently forced to drop fare zones on buses because of issues with the new Compass Card system, but zones are still applied on SkyTrain.

Click here to take the online survey, which will be open until June 30.


Then on another news site, Factbender lays an egg.

A density tax will further increase the cost of a new building, meaning higher rents for tenants, which will drive more people out of the metro Vancouver area. Brilliant Mr. Factbender.

How about a much more simple solution; build transit within our financial means, which means, building $35 million/km LRT on Broadway instead of $300 million/km SkyTrain subway or better yet, a modified RftV DMU service from Langley to Vancouver, costing under $500 million, instead of a $2.5 billion poor man’s SkyTrain masquerading as LRT.



Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? TransLink minister floats solution on transportation funding issue

Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk
May 24, 2016

BCai??i??s Minister Responsible for TransLink says the solution to the regionai??i??s transit and transportation funding problem is to raise revenue on density created by transit corridors.

Peter Fassbender also says property-lift revenue has the potential to do more than simplyAi??cover the regionai??i??s 17Ai??per centAi??share.

ai???Things like property lift and density around transit corridors are issues that we do need to talk about and see what contributions they can make. It is our view that density can not only help with providing funding for transportation but also affordability because the issue is supply not

And Fassbender says the funding mechanism would not require a referendum.

ai???No. That one I think is we sit down, and there is still a fair amount of work to be done, so it is not simplistic. We would work out how that would be collected by the communities, and how it is contributed not only in terms of building things, but then to the long-term operating as

He says he will meet with the mayors soon to iron out the wrinkles.

Fassbender says the formula is key so developers can be profitable, cities get what they need, and the regionai??i??s share is covered off.


2 Responses to “TransLink’s PR Stunt & Factbender Follies”
  1. Dan G. Rawlings says:

    That was a weird even a rigged/loaded survey. They did not even have a place to add comments either.

    Zwei replies: Yes it is a PR stunt, to cover the real news. Watch for the next post.

  2. eric chris says:

    We need to re-evaluate what our goals are for public transit in Metro Vancouver. Autonomous cars on the roads and in the air threaten to make public transit obsolete. Very expensive infrastructure for DIRT lines in subways and on viaducts isn’t prudent. We need to get a handle on costs for public transit and build what we can afford for public transit (tram or LRT lines) rather than what we can’t afford (DIRT lines).

    Overhead at TransLink is about $100 million annually. Nobody at TransLink matters and nobody does any work at TransLink: everybody at TransLink is on overhead. TransLink is $3.6 billion in the hole. How many people know this?

    TransLink has no way to get out of debt. All that TransLink can do is come up with expensive subway and other money sucking projects to try to raise taxes – hence the call for road and bridge tolls – to ostensibly curb road congestion; yet road congestion dropped during the transit strike in 2001 without transit buses clogging up the roads.

    TransLink is fantastic at finding new ways to kill time and do nothing. Any company that needs two years and 600 staff members to study fares, needs to go:

    TransLink has neither the mandate to impose further taxes in Metro Vancouver to maintain its overhead nor any right to approach the federal government for funding to build the subway line proposed in its fraudulent study selecting the subway line over LRT. In effect, by ignoring the wishes of the electorate in the plebiscite, TransLink is guilty of attempting to circumvent the democratic process protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights.

    Fassbender is saying that new taxes for TransLink are needed to take advantage of funding from the federal government. Well, this is a lie, and Fassbender is simply providing funding for TransLink to continue to pursue its planned spending on Table 21 (page 51) of its 10 year plan which was rejected by voters in the transit plebiscite:

    Fassbender can’t do this. He’s gone bonkers. He doesn’t know it but the federal government is considering the withdrawal of funding to TransLink after citizens in Vancouver complained about the misinformation (to select the subway line along Broadway, instead of LRT) presented in TransLink’s study used to seek funding from the federal government.

    TransLink has been spending 90% of its operating budget on public transit ($1.4 billion) for developers to build housing density along its subways and viaducts, supposedly to make housing affordable and banish road congestion. With Vancouver having developed the most non-affordable housing in Canada, possibly the world, and the worst road congestion in Canada, how can Fassbender even consider more funding for the nitwits at TransLink?

    What’s the reason for not stinging up everyone at TransLink for stringing us along over the last 17 years while the Pattullo Bridge has been allowed to rot and become unsafe to use? I don’t see how taxing us another $370 annually for TransLink to presumably spend 90% ($259 million) on more viaducts and subways is wise. Based on TransLink’s record, I’d say Fassbender needs to explain what’s going through his head.

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