UK Developer Must Help pay for Rail Connection

Tavistock Railway Station will be seeing passengers again in 2022!

The UK is reopening once abandoned rail lines to cope with congestion and increased population.

A UK developer must pay A?13.2m (CAD $23.25m) towards the restoration of the Bere Alston Tavistock railway route before building 750 new homes.

This works out to CAD $31,000 per home.

When one looks at the massive developments happening in the Fraser Valley should not developers pay a per house rate to help with the restoration of a Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban!

Example: If 5,000 new homes are built in the Fraser Valley in 2017, then $155m could be raised to fund about 10% the interurban project and in ten years, the project would be paid for without added gas taxes or property taxes.

Something to think about in a region, where inaction to increasing transportation problems associated with increased population, is deafening.

The end of the line today, but not for tomorrow, where the line is being rebuilt to Tavistock.

Tavistock homes approved with rail link clause

A developer has been given planning approval for new homes in a Devon town, subject to it helping fund a rail link.

West Devon Borough Council approved Bovis’ plan for 750 homes in Tavistock on the condition the firm would pay A?13.2m towards the line.

If the rail link was to go ahead it would connect Tavistock and Plymouth via Bere Alston.

Trains stopped running between Tavistock and Plymouth in 1968 as a result of the Beeching cuts.

West Devon Borough Council said the rail link was being developed by Devon County Council and could be in place by 2022.

Bovis hopes to build the homes near Callington Road over the next 10 years.

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