“We do not have to watch reruns of Monty Python for our amusement, we just have to tune in to Vancouver’s transit planning for our entertainment”

It is now 2017 and the transit year is off with a dull thud.

The title comes courtesy of an old transit acquaintance from the UK who was badly burned by his Canada Line experience.

With the planned Pattullo Bridge replacement bridge having only 4 traffic lanes; the Surrey Hawthorne Park road debacle (where a new road is needed due to LRT taking up two traffic lanes); the ongoing Broadway Subway silliness and TransLink’s oppressive ongoing public relations program, 2018 will be a make or break year for transit.

My money is on a complete transit fiasco, as the amateurs planning the Surrey LRT; TransLink’s/City of Vancouver’s denial with subway costs (TransLink fired its best planner because of his opposition to the subway) and Burnaby mayor, Derek Corrigan, now head of the mayor’s Council on Transit, it will be a most explosive mix.

The main stream media both in Vancouver and Toronto, who have never honestly reported on transit in the region and rely on a blather of News Releases and ‘Yellow Journalism’ for their transit articles are firmly on side with TransLink, as they rely on TransLink’s largess with advertising revenue. If the news fits, they will print!

Then we have Kevin Desmond, the new American born CEO of TransLink, repeating the old saw that “SkyTrain pays its operating costs”.


But Desmond never mentions the annual subsidies paid to SkyTrain and the Canada line.

In 1992, the subsidy for SkyTrain (just the Expo Line) was $157 million! How much the subsidy for the three SkyTrain Lines and the Canada line remain a secret!

Subsidies you say? But how can a transit system pay it operating costs, yet receive a subsidy?

Fancy book work, Mr. Desmond.

So much more including the bad habit of giving percentage increases, without giving the actual numbers.

It is like listening to a used car salesman, selling a lemon.

After the fiasco’s of 2015 and 2016, I hoped TransLink for once, would travel a more honest road. Well, I guess you cannot teach a bad old dog new tricks.

Memo to Mr. Horgan: Clean up this vile and expensive mess called TransLink.



One Response to ““We do not have to watch reruns of Monty Python for our amusement, we just have to tune in to Vancouver’s transit planning for our entertainment””
  1. subway4van says:

    Public transit is always subsidised by government. Translink and BC transit are government owned companies.

    Zwei replies: This is a lame excuse, as the SkyTrain system is subsidized by at least $400 million annually. It is bankrupting TransLink.

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