What is Translink Afraid Of?

I can see with the TransLink referendum, that the SkyTrain lobby is claiming all sorts of misleading information about SkyTrain; a SkyTrain subway and SkyTrain fiances.

The following is from the GVRD’s 1993 The cost of Transporting People in the British Columbia Lower Mainland.

Please note that the annual subsidy for one SkyTrain line was $53.54 million higher than the diesel buses, the trolleybuses and Seabus combined! One is staggered at though of the SkyTrain and Canada Line’s subsidy today.

The table clearly shows the $157 million operating subsidy for that year and now twenty-one years later, TransLink and Metro Vancouver are loath to enter an updated table showing the the annual subsidy for the SkyTrain and Canada line systems. Before next years referendum, the public should demand a concise table as like the one above, showing the transit operating subsides for transit in 2014.

What is TransLink afraid of?

The truth?

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