When You Really Need It – SkyTrain Craps out!

Again, SkyTrain never fails to, well fail!

CKNW NEWS ALERT                                               

Delays on the Expo Skytrain line are getting longer, as TransLink deals with a track issue between the Edmonds and 22nd Street Stations.   A shuttle bus bridge has not been able to keep up.  The Millennium and Canada Lines are not affected.  TransLink says the problem has nothing to do with the cold, snowy weather.


One Response to “When You Really Need It – SkyTrain Craps out!”
  1. Haveacow says:

    A power collection shoe fell off the Skytrain while in operation. Emergency software then stopped the train! Wow, hey people, better check the maintenance logs and find out when that particular unit was due for its next PM (Preventative Maintenance Cycle & Work Up) and then move it up in the schedule.

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