Why the Mexico City Metro Collapsed

First, I must state that the elevated guideway for the Expo, Millennium, and Canada Lines are a completely different build than Mexico’s Metro system and such an accident would not happen, but there are several issues with concrete construction that should give pause for concern.

The quideways must be inspected at regular intervals, to check for structural issues. As TransLink is notorious for fudging maintenance inspections, one wonders how regular a full guideway inspection is?

The following from the New York Times give us plausible reasons for the metro’s guideway collapse.

Is anyone at TransLink listening?

 “Why the Mexico City Metro Collapsed:”



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  1. Kevin says:

    Translink does regular inspections of all guideways in Vancouver and does repairs often. Zwei should stop hating Translink. Translink will not build your train to Chilliwack.

    Zwei replies: First off, I do not want TransLink involved at all with Valley rail. Secondly, there are inspections and then there are inspections. Deferral of much needed maintenance is common with TransLink.

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