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LRT operating as a streetcar in downtown Portland

The Vancouver Sun has always been a barometer on the governments standing on regional rail transit. The paper is famous for its pro SkyTrain stance, printing the usual SkyTrain myths as they were facts, but now, with the current TransLink financial morass, the Sun prints a letter that is positive about LRT.

Could it be that the powers that be in Victoria are beginning to realize that SkyTrain is just too expensive for what it does and is the main cause of TransLink's financial woes?

Time will tell.

Light rail is great and affordable

 By Lorraine Hardie, Vancouver Sun August 4, 2011

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Re: Expand services or face gridlock, TransLink warns, July 28

Hurrah for Delta mayor Lois Jackson suggesting we should be pushing for at-grade rail instead of SkyTrain in order to save money.

My husband and I spent several days in Portland, Ore., recently and were very impressed with the at-grade rail rapid transit system they have in that city.

It was fast, efficient, quiet and easy to use.

If people could see for themselves how well these systems work in many cities of the world they would be convinced this is the way to go.

We should be building what we can afford and not expensive SkyTrain and tunnelling systems.

I am sure other taxpayers would agree with me on this.

Lorraine Hardie


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