Zwei Told You So! Few Fare Cheats On SkyTrain!

So, where is the massive fare evasion that warranted over $200 million spent on the Compass Card and Fare Gates for the SkyTrain light-metro system?

No massive amounts of fare evasion you say?

Maybe it was all those U-Pass holding students that confused everyone?

Who was the lobbyist for Cubit Industries again?

So, $63,000 more in fares were paid in the first quarter of 2016 than 2015 or put another way, TransLink spent well over $200 million on a fare gate and Compass Card system on SkyTrain, costing well over $10 million a year to operate and TransLink will only recoup about $250,000 a year?

The entire SkyTrain Board and senior management should be fired on the spot, as would be done by any other transit authority.

SkyTrain fare gates havenai??i??t reduced cheating, says Langley City Councillor

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Posted: June 15, 2016

A Langley City Councillor says Translinkai??i??s new Compass Card system is not cracking down on fare evasion.

Langley City Councillor Nathan Pachal says Translink recently released its first quarter results in which the Compass Card system has been fully operational.

He says transit fare revenue was up $63,000, a marginal increase of 0.1% from a year ago, when fare gates werenai??i??t in operation.

ai???There should be several million dollars per year, 10-million, even even more from savings from fare evasion, if this is what they

Pachal says fare gates cost upwards of $10 million per year to operate.

He says itai??i??s likely that the fare gates costs more to operate than they save.

So far, no comment from Translink.


TransLink 1st quarter result (chart: South Fraser Blog)


2 Responses to “Zwei Told You So! Few Fare Cheats On SkyTrain!”
  1. Renzo says:

    Don’t blame the TransLink board for what was mandated by the provincial government… IIRC TransLink didn’t actually want these faregates.

    Zwei replies: Yes it is true, but I would have thought someone at TransLink would have resigned because of this.

  2. Sarah says:

    After rush hour they leave the wheelchair gate open, with no one monitoring it. I regularly see people just walk through without tapping a card. I have seen Transit Security issuing a few fines near the gates, but not enough. They need more Transit Security, not just for fare evaders, but increased safety.

    Zwei replies: As I have stated before, to stop fare evasion, turnstiles and fare gates must have an attendant resent during operational hours.