Better solutions save farms

Better solutions save farms

By Eric J. Bysouth, Langley Advance September 17, 2010

Dear Editor,

Obviously, Councillor Steve Ferguson [New road will benefit farms, Sept. 14 Letters, Langley Advance] did not, when he first voted yes, understand what is needed to resolve the problem at Mufford Crescent and Glover Road, and he still does not.

Further, he has not listened to the public debate on the issue, and has not considered the common sense, positive solutions that have been proposed.

There is no question that the Mufford/Glover intersection needs to be fixed, but it should consider where people, goods, and services need to go. They need to go to and from Mufford, Glover, and the Bypass.

They do not need to travel extra distances through good farmland, when there is already a connecting road between Glover and 64th Avenue.

The proposed new road will give added support to those wanting convert the farmland between the Bypass and Milner to Industrial/Commercial.

Farmers do not want their land divided by a road they will have to cross to get to both sides of their field. Those farmers on 64th Avenue do not want or need it being made a main road, as they use it for moving farm machinery between fields. Where we really need an overpass is to solve the worst problem, and that is over the tracks on the Bypass, just west of the Glover intersection. This handles ten times the traffic, and causes very serious problems when two-mile trains stop traffic.

I suggest Steve do what is right, cost effective, efficient, and solves the problem.

He states that the heavy rail traffic cannot be rerouted. This is not true. There is legislation in place that allows that to happen.

We need light rail up the Fraser Valley, using the existing track. Light rail makes it more efficient and cost effective to put the track on an overpass over the road.

Our main problem is elected officials and people who like to make unnecessary work.

Eric J Bysouth, Langley

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