Dream bigger transit dreams

Dream bigger transit dreams

The Times September 28, 2010


Re: Mayor remains mum on latest rail system study (Times, Sept. 24).

The report on revival and enhancement of the interurban rail line (Chilliwack to Surrey) by David Cockle of Leewood Projects is greatly appreciated. The benevolent interest in a neglected part of the country by a credentialed company is a lucky strike for the entire Fraser Valley.

The detailed cost-accounting adds a useful backdrop for arguments pro and contra rail travel. (I’m a supporter.) Even the cost ($12.8 M) of the proposed 12-km extension to Rosedale (phase 3) compares favourably to the cost ($48 million) of the Evans Road connector.

Besides the obvious benefit of a resulting better air quality, the rail line would introduce a more romantic flavour to travel in the Fraser Valley. Until you can dream larger than your present habits, what chance of progress?

Don Buker,


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