More vehicles will be driven

More vehicles will be driven

The Times September 24, 2010


In my opinion the light rail proposal is long overdue. Anyone who has driven Highway 1 from here to Vancouver realizes that it is almost impossible to find a particular time of day that the traffic is not congested and it becomes even more congested and dangerous from Abbotsford to Vancouver. The construction presently under way, when completed, won’t reduce the congestion much–it will simply attract more vehicles.

Ideally, the commuter rail should also have a stop at Abbotsford to pick up its commuters–and have reasonable fares which commuters find within their budgets.

The cost of the project is easily affordable by the province if taken from the carbon tax fund. After all, that fund is legislated for environmental use only, and what better environmental cause than to drastically reduce vehicle traffic on the highway?

Barry Penner, specifically, and Gordon Campbell should be embracing this project.

In a recent letter I commented on our Immigration Department’s policy of funding new immigrants (a one-time payment of about $1,300 to establish accommodation followed by payments of $710 per month for one year or until employment begins, whichever comes first).

However, there are factors which could alter those figures. For instance, in this last bunch of boat people there is a pregnant, disabled mother with two young children. If she is allowed to remain you can bet Canadian taxpayers will fund her support for quite some time yet she or her family and/or husband initially gave some unsavory character the required $40- to $50,000 to be on the ship bound for generous Canada. You would think that the funding to get her on the ship would finance her support in her own country for quite some time.

Jack Stewart,


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