The cost of improved transit

The cost of improved transit


Editor, the Times:

“Now we know what we should focus on and what it will cost. It’s a given we have to improve the system,” as quoted from your article (Dec. 21 Times).

This study and many like it seem to be focused on the wrong aspects of travel in the Fraser Valley area. What is the purpose of transit systems? Isn’t it to move people from one location to another in a timely and comfortable manner? What about those people at the other end of the line who want to travel to the valley for Tradex, Heat games, shopping, air flights and other attractions.

Did you know that if I miss the WCE train I could take a bus from Mission to Vancouver? The train would get me downtown in one hour and 18 minutes and the bus would take two hours and 43 minutes.

How much time would it take a bus to travel to the Kingsway or future Evergreen line to make connections? Is time part of the study? Trains keep a timely schedule, buses cannot. Has council ridden one of our buses when it is cold and miserable outside and inside as well. No comfort there.

Would I vote for a bus service? Hardly. Why is council concerned about the cost of light rail. Did cost stop the building of the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre?

Tax increase you say? There are many ways to decrease costs if you study them.

How much would the city save by having automatic pedestrian cross lights? When the traffic light turns green the walk light comes on also. Get rid of the crosswalk buttons and eliminate the need to repair them when damaged.

Wouldn’t that make it a bit safer for the pedestrian?

John Eby,


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