Valley transit much cheaper

Valley transit much cheaper

The Times September 28, 2010


This also an open letter to the government in Victoria and also to Mayor Gaetz and her people in Chilliwack.

How wonderful to read about the sensible UK-based consultant David Cockle on light rail service for the Fraser Valley. Finally we hear an unbiased view of our transit requirements south of the Fraser River. We have never been told what the so-called Gateway Project costs. It probably runs into the billions. All this will provide is more people taking their cars out of the valley into the rest of Southern BC. What about the real needs for about a million people here? Isn’t the $5 million per kilometre just a fraction of what Victoria is spending on this Gateway Project? Just imagine going to Surrey is just a mere 90 minutes, a bit more than it takes by car, but you can read the morning paper or a book and relax. What a stress-free way to travel.

To put more and more vehicles on our roads we are destroying our environment and are wasting more and more of our hard earned money.

If 10 main stations are provided along the route, with perhaps eight stops, if necessary, and then small, not the big mostly empty ones now on the road, feeder buses to these stations, we will have an efficient transportation system. To be useful to the traveling public the feeder bus service should be at least four per hour. This will provide an attractive alternative to taking the car. Oh, and wait. If the tolls on the gateway to Greater Vancouver are sufficiently high enough to raise the required revenue the provincial coffers will be well-filled and pay for our service here.

Alphonse Litjens,


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