A 2010 retrospective and a happy New Year!

Itai??i??s traditional for the media and bloggers alike to wrap up the retreating year or welcome in the New Year with a retrospective of all that was bad, depressing, frustrating, good, humorous, irritating, scandalous or just plain bizarre in the twelve months that finished on the stroke of midnight on 31st December.

Stephen Reesai??i??s blog did just that with a 2010 in review post, entitled Crunchy numbers. The review gives the blog statistics and goes on to list the top five referring sites and the yearai??i??s postings that received the most views. At number three with 19 comments was a September 2006 post entitled Group lobbies for SkyTrain rather than lightAi??rail.

The comments from one respondent are interesting to say the least or should I qualify that statement and say depressing; they argue `A functional rapid transit system must co-exist with cars not penalize them, we must deal in reality with the factai??i??


Unfortunately unrestricted town & city access for cars, come with traffic jams, congestion and pollution.

Politicians, like Rob Ford in Toronto argue that the `War on cars must be ended’ Transit must be expensively burried underground and surface transport left to the bus.

In Europe as well as Canada & the US, Planners, Engineers and public officials, know that city & town transport must be a balance of modes;Ai??the difference is that the European ones care and invest in transport that attracts riders out of their cars – S-bahn, Metro, LRT, Tram and trolleybus, it does not ignore it and leave it mostly to inefficient, unintegrated bus operations. The FVTS Report published before Christmas offered the Fraser Valley communitiesAi??little more than a bus, the authors would appear to have also learnt very little over the past four years.

As for MrAi??Ford – one must remember that he is a politician – and a modern politician at that – so he is very, very stupid.

A Happy New Year



One Response to “A 2010 retrospective and a happy New Year!”
  1. Justin Bernard says:

    Rob Ford is a very, very stupid man.

    Here is a report that was released by the Pembina Institute that should be of interest.


    The report link is near the bottom of the page.