The fictitious war on cars

Why the automobile is not ai??i?? and has never been ai??i?? endangered

Jennifer Good ai??i?? The Brock Press (Brock University)

Canadian University Press


Bike lanes don’t slit cars’ tires. There’s no war zone here. (Photo courtesy of Paul Krueger/Flickr Creative Commons.)


2 Responses to “The fictitious war on cars”
  1. Canadian Malcontent says:

    I never heard that slogan ‘War on Cars’ before. But coming from a conservative it does not surprise me lol.

    Cars are in no danger anywhere in North America. We build endless roads while telling people they should take transit which is under-funded and ‘for everyone else to use but me’.

    Just look at Vancouver area. Where 100 years behind the times. We has awesome rail service 100 years ago. We would have a lot more people using rail if it was never shut down and tracks covered up. There was lots of it and even all the way to Chilliwack (and that line is still there). It is a shame really.

    Now we spend endless money on ‘SkyTrain’ which is only used in now 5 places and most of them are small lines. Yet for some reason Translink won’t look at light rail and everything has to be Skytrain. What a shame. Surrey the second largest city (soon to be first) in BC only has 4 stations. We need more and light rail would do the trick but we will wait now 20-30 years before Translink expands skytrain as Evergreen line and one to UBC will come first and it seems only one line is built every 10 years or so..

    Dianne Watts mentioned LRT and from what I can tell has been shouted down and the skytrain lobby has started an anti LRT pro skytrain propaganda campaign for Surrey but they do not seem to get it at the pace skytrain lines are being built (plus (N)Evergreen and UBC first) it will be 20-25 years before it is even started..

    Just think all the regular light rail we could have for the cost of one skytrain line and regular modern light rail carries just as much if not more than SkyTrain. People will never get out of cars because no alternatives seem to get built other than once a decade and to be honest SkyTrain seems more of a tourist attraction than a commuter service.

  2. Jim says:

    Perhaps we should have a war on cars. And a war on urban sprawl over valuable farm land.