Winter Tramway, Light Rail, LRT and ART reliability?

The Cardinal is confident that friends & colleagues in Vancouver will take satisfaction from knowing that European Light Rail & at-grade tramway systems are providing a faultless public service this winter.
Images of Croydon (London) Tramlink Ai??Ai??& Manchester Metrolink, are the evidence.
Ai??2542 Lloyd Park 19-1-13 IWB

Ai??A video of Croydon Tramlink services this weekend.


I hope TranLinkai??i??s SkyTrain system will come to the mark in 2013 and confirm that the technical problems experienced in previous winters have been solved.Ai??
Taking to task two commenterai??i??s on the Blog, Daryl Dela Ai??Cruz & Richard Campbell, the pair of you have unfortunately taken to posting spurious comments in order to debase Light Rail and Tramways;
Darylai??i??s post on the SkyTrain for Surrey Blog:
An LRT Risk: Accident causes 90-minute disruption of Calgary LRT during PMAi??rush
shows a particular level of desperation.
How many minutes of disruption has SkyTrain notched up in the past week, month or year from different causes?
How many delay causing road traffic accidents occur in Calgary daily? The afore mentioned incident is a rare occurence Daryl, don’t try to prove otherwise.

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