This is an articulated tram. Notice the small centre car supports the two outer bodies. This configuration is sometimes called, "two rooms & a bath".

Articulated Rail Cars – Transit 101

So boys and girls, lesson for today; what is an articulated car? Definition: Articulated cars are rail vehicles which consist of a number of cars which are semi-permanently attached to each other and share common Jacobs bogies or axles and/or have car elements without axles suspended by the neighbouring car elements. They are much longer [...]

Artic 2

For the benfit of TransLink, the definition of an articulated car.

TransLink is mistakenly calling the new Mk.3 SkyTrain cars articulated, they are not. What Bombardier has designed is a saloon car, gangwayed at both ends; to fit between a married trainset, enabling to make the trainset longer; articulated they are not. Sad to say, TransLink’s planning staff do not understand the basics, such as “what [...]