A Pricey Massey Tunnel Bridge Repacement Wonai??i??t Clear Up Congestion

As the local newspapers try to deal with the proposed Massey Tunnel replacement, Metro News has an interesting article. In reality, the Massey Tunnel, replacement bridge will not alleviate congestion, rather just move it from Delta to Richmond. Now Eric Chris may want to correct Zwie on this, but here is the problem. There are […]


Paving Paradise – Has the Premier Washed Her Hands of Public Transit?

The grossly overbuilt Hwy 17 & 99 interchange. Why build just one overpass, when you can build three? This is the legacy of the BC Liberals: gold plated highway and bridge construction, designed to funnel huge portions of taxpayer’s money into the pockets of corporate friends. As pointed out many times before, the Expo, Millennium, […]

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Trams are good for your health – 3

postedAi??from: The Regional Transport Strategy role of Tramways & Light Rail Health Impact of Airborne Pollutants Evidence has now emerged which confirms that the long-term effects of particle air pollution are considerably more significant in damaging Public Health than heart disease. The Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants Report published May 2001, […]


Have a Happy 2011 Toronto, love from Rob Ford

Rob Ford ready to let transit projects hold in favour of Sheppard subway Globe & Mail December 21st   Mr. Ford has criticized light-rail transit as too similar to the streetcars he believes causes congestion in Toronto’s gridlocked roadways. He scoffed at the idea that monorails or a similar above-grade technology, which in theory […]

The new Port Mann Bridge – A bridge too big!

The provincial governments announcement of a new 10 lane bridge, replacing the Port Mann bodes ill for implementingAi??Ai??good transportation planning for the Fraser Valley. The real winners are the ‘roads lobby’, the trucking industry, and the land developers, as the announced bridge caters directly to their demands. What theAi??Ai??new bridge does show, is the utter […]