Light rail that works

CALGARYai??i?? From Saturday’s Globe and Mail by Marcus Gee Mayor Rob Ford has left no confusion about how he feels about light-rail transit. One of his first acts as mayor was to declare the death of Transit City, a multibillion-dollar plan for a network of above-ground transit lines. Listening to Mr. Ford, you might [...]

transit deniar

How to Spot the Transit Denier?

Transit, LRT, Tram & Public Transport deniers come in many forms; from libertarians, petrol heads & asphalt warriors to right wing neocons. ..the Cardinal has compiled a list of thirty eight most commonly used arguments by opponents to at-grade LRT:- Excuses Ignorance Criticism Opposition Hostility 1.    Trams are inflexible. a.    If the road becomes closed, due to an accident or emergency road or utility [...]

April 11 – Highway 1 Day of Action

*BANNER MAKING WORKSHOPS* coming up – Abbotsford, date/time TBA (check back) Want to help make some history? “Rail For The Valley” and “Better Transit, Not Freeways” Present… April 11 – HIGHWAY 1 DAY OF ACTION Gateway to what?! On Saturday, April 11, from 11:00am to 1:00pm, join with others across the region in hoisting banners [...]