Bombardier's SkyTrain, a ruber tired people mover system.

Bombardier Is Building SkyTrain at LAX…..But, It ain’t Our SkyTrain!

  Los Angeles Airport (LAX)t is building a $5 billion SkyTrain system, which may cause confusion because in Bombardier’s line of transit systems, SkyTrain is a rubber tired people mover system and not the trains used on the Canada, Expo, and/or Millennium lines. Cries of shock and disbelief! The name SkyTrain, which was chosen by [...]

Bomb tram

Troubles at Bombardier = Troubles for Metro Vancouver

The Metro Vancouver mayors may soon foolishly acquiesce to the mayor of Surrey’s demand to build with SkyTrain instead of light rail. Foolish, because they will remain tied to one supplier and will have to dance to the tune of Bombardier Inc., when and if new cars are ordered. Bombardier has ills with its rail [...]


Bombardier Inc. Doesn’t Give a Damn

This is a major problem for Metro Vancouver, Bombardier Inc. doesn’t give a damn about its rail products and this should make Metro Vancouver mayors and TransLink very worried. Why? Bombardier is the sole suppliers of the Innovia metro car used on the Expo and Millennium/Evergreen lines and if Bombardier were to stop production, new [...]


Siemens and Alstom Merge Rail

As reported earlier, it has been announced that Siemens and Alstom will merge their rail units. Time will tell how this will effect Bombardier Inc., but one thing is for certain, the merger will streamline their product line and with no sales in the past decade and a greatly diminishing demand for niche light-metros, how [...]


Has Trudeau “Caved-In” To Bombardier?

Bombardier Inc. is in trouble with their aircraft program; are near bankruptcy and need cash. So what is the Federal government going to do? Simple buy Bombardier’s light-metro and call it light rail.Ai?? The same ruse certainly fooled the Social Credit Party in BC in 1980 by renaming the unsellable Urban Development Transportation Corporation (UDTC [...]

Bombardier Add

If It Is Not Stock, Don’t buy It!

Our friend Haveacow is a Canadian Transportation Engineer and when he says something, we should be listening. * Zwei is not an engineer, but under the tutelage of the late Des Turner (Des was a chemical engineer who worked at Shell Oil, who took early retirement and went back to university and earned a master’s [...]


In The International News

Some interesting news items from abroad.   An interesting Australia Government paper on long term trends in public transport. Some interesting comments have been made by an Australian observer: It can be clearly seen that the Sydney tramways were the all-time record-holding giant of any Australian public transport system and never bettered since by any [...]


Bombardier Inc. Gets Quebec Financing

Bombardier Inc. has had some recent finance problems with their aerospace division and is using its rail division as collateral so to speak. They better make money nowAi??because if they don’t perform the CDPQ will own 42.5 % after 5 years. What does it mean for us on the West coast? Definitely more pressure to [...]

Bat bus

Bat Bus – The Shape of Things to Come?

A peak 5 minutes into the future. The same technology can be applied to trams. From the BBC International Service. Xoupir: Charles Bombardierai??i??s ai???magic busai??i?? David K Gibson Charles Bombardier designs things. Fantastical things, like a robotic hockey referee, a tugboat that creates waves for surfing competitions, and magnet-propelled rollercoaster in which riders hurtle above [...]

Next-generation streetcars arrive in Toronto for trials

National Post Although it will not be accepting passengers until 2014, the TTCai??i??s next generation of streetcars arrived in the city by freight train this week. Still the property of its builder, Bombardier, the train is in town for a series of trials to see whether it can smoothly navigate Torontoai??i??s streets. The vehicle, [...]