Everyone Is An Expert

Why is it, when someone is elected to office, they become instant transit experts? Why is it, when it comes to transit, common sense is tossed from the window? It seems Liberal MLA, Jane Thornthwaite, wants a SkyTrain subway to the North Shore. First question that she should be asking is: Would it be the [...]

The Ottawa "O" Train is legal to operate on existing railway lines and could provide servcie to the Nort Shore

A DMU Service, Not Gondolas, Best Option to Link North Shore!

Gondolas are a niche transit system used for solving unique transit problems. While transit servicing SFU mayAi?? present niche transit problems, especially in winter, crossing Burrard inlet does not. The SFU gondola has been reported in this blog several times; in May 2011; in June 2011; and in October 2011.It is now six years later, [...]


The Arbutus Saga Continues

Not much transit news about with the school strike and the lead up to the November civic elections, but old news is still news. The CPR want $100 million for the land and the City of Vancouver wants to pay only $20 million, yet $100 million is a bargain if one wants the land for [...]

RftV 001

In 1986………….

In 1986, during the duration of Expo 86 in Vancouver there was a passenger rail service from New Westminster to Abbotsford. A British Rail Class 142 Pacer DMU at Abbotsford station in the summer of 1986. If it could be done in 1986, it can certainly be done in 2014. What is not said is [...]